Breathtaking & amazing hikes nearby Tokyo

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① Easy hiking courses nearby Tokyo

Japanese: 初級のハイキングコース

*Hiking course for Kusatsu-Shiranesan is currently closed due to volcanic activities. (Japanese website)

🍃Fresh Air and 📷Great Pictures!

✨Easy Hiking Spots Near Tokyo!

🌳Beautiful nature awaits you, just a few hours away from Tokyo! Especially from spring through fall, there are many places nearby Tokyo that are perfect for 👟hiking.

Nature is a big part of Japanese culture and history, so we highly recommend you to experience the beautiful nature while you are in Japan! Here are some 👟hiking trails that are especially great for ✨beginners and casual hikers.

Go on a short walk, stroll through the 🌳woods, take in 🍃fresh air… and don’t forget to take some 📷amazing pictures!

Hananuki Keikoku
(Hananuki Valley)

10km / 2H 20min hike
Average Trail Grade: 2.8% (1.6 degrees)
Highest Point: 320m
Elevation: 286m
Japanese name: 花貫渓谷(茨城県)

Ono, Takahagi-city, Ibaraki Pref. 318-0103


External Website (Local tourism board – Japanese)

2hours 20 min

JR Takahagi Station (Jyoban Line, Hitachi & Tokiwa Espress)

[By Taxi ]

Take a taxi from JR takahagi Station

(Approx. 20-25min)

(Mt. Hiwada)

8km / 2H 45min hike
Average Trail Grade: 5.6% (3.2 degrees)
Highest Point: 305m
Elevation: 447m
Japanese name: 日和田山 (埼玉県)

1-1-1 Musashidai, Hidaka City, Saitama Pref. Japan

All year round

2hours 20 min

Koma Station (Seibu Ikebukuro, Seibu Chichibu Line)

Hike from the station.

② Intermediate (Moderate) hiking courses nearby Tokyo

Japanese: 中級のハイキングコース

⭐ Unplug from the bustle of city life and hit the 👣 trail!

👟 Hiking for some time now and feel like a 💪 challenge?

Do you love that feeling of ⭐accomplishment you get from ⛰looking down on the world? It’s now time to put on your hiking 👟boots and feel the thrill of the 🍃wind blowing through your hair as you wander through stunning lakes and 🌲🌳🌲 forests.

It’s not just stunning scenery. Invigorate yourself with a 👣trek through slopes and valleys that offer a rewarding 😤😤 ️workout. And the best part is, they’re all just a ✨couple of hours from Tokyo❗️

(Mt. Moyogi)

8km / 4hours 15min hike
Average Trail Grade: 10.2% (5.8 degrees)
Highest Point: 1,104m
Elevation: 804m
Japanese name: 妙義山 (群馬県)

Myogisanshuhen Information Centre, 322−7 Myogimachi Myogi, Tomioka, Gunma Pref. 379-0201


Sep-Mid Nov

External Website (Japanese)

 Tel 0274-67-7500

1hour 40 min

JR Matsuida Station

Walk or take a taxi

Start of hike is 45 min walk from JR Matsuida Station

(Mt. Tsukuba)

7km / 4H 30min hike
Average Trail Grade: 10.0% (5.7 degrees)
Highest Point: 877m
Elevation: 731m
Japanese name: 筑波山 (茨城県)

Start from Mt. Tsukuba Tourist Center, 1222-2 Tsukuba, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki Pref. 300-4352


External Link
(PDF Map in Japanese)

External Link
(Tourist office Map in Japanese)  

JR Tsukuba Station, JR Tsuchiura Station


35 min by bus from JR Tsukuba Sta. 50 min by bus from JR Tsuchiura Sta.

Tourism Office (Photos and info in Japanese)

Mt. Tsukuba Cable car & Ropeway website (Official, Japanese)

TripAdvisor (Mt. Tsukuba)

③ Hard (Difficult) hiking courses nearby Tokyo

Japanese: 上級のハイキングコース

💪Challenging trails in the heart of 🌳nature!

Spend your whole day climbing the most 😍beautiful mountains in Japan❗️

Veteran 👣hikers will be at home on these rewarding trails that take you to ⛰towering heights. There’s nothing better than 👀gazing on the lakes and rivers below after conquering a 2000m peak. Reach the most 🌲☘️🌞natural settings Japan has to offer, far, far away from the hubbub of the city.

Your friends back home will be green with 😻envy!

Even better, most of these ⛰mountains are accessible from Tokyo by 🚃public transport. So what are you waiting for?

Strap on your 👟boots and hit the trail!

(Mt. Tanigawa)

9km / 6hours 45min hike
Average Trail Grade: 16.4% (9.3 degrees)
Highest Point: 1,977m
Elevation: 1,379m
Japanese name: 谷川岳 (群馬県)

JR Doai Station, Yueso, Minakami-machi, Gunma Pref.

Mid May-Mid Oct

External Website (PDF Hiking map in Japanese)

JR Doai Station

Start your hike from JR Doai Station

(Mt. Nantai)

15km / 7H 40min hike
Average Trail Grade: 8.7% (5 degrees)
Highest Point: 2,486m
Elevation: 1,295m
Japanese name: 男体山 (栃木県)

Start from ‘Nikko Futarasan Shrine Chuguji Hobutsukan’, 2484 Chūgūshi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi Pref. 321-1661

June -Oct

Tourism Office (English)

TripAdvisor (Nantaisan, Mt. Nantai)

Wikipedia (Nantaisan, Mt. Nantai)

JR Nikko Station, Tobu Nikko Station


50 min by bus from JR Nikko Sta. or Tobu Nikko Sta.

Map of Breathtaking and amazing hikes nearby Tokyo!

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