Maebashi City

Highlights of Maebashi City

Maebashi City is an exciting art and nature city 70 minutes north of Tokyo. At first glance, Maebashi seems like just another Japanese city, but once you understand what lies below, you’ll discover that this city holds quite a lot of unique attractions. 

For example, Central Maebashi is quickly becoming known as the city of art. Not only are museums (Arts Maebashi), galleries (Maebashi Galleria), and art hotels (Shiroiya Hotel) popping up, but art pieces and beautiful architecture is being created in places like old shopping arcades and even backstreet toilets.

30 min north is Mout Akagi, which is heaven for nature lovers. Visitors can trek the trails, hire bicycles, or even go Wakasagi fishing by drilling holes through the frozen lake in the winter! 

There are also a few notable events during the year. In early April, the mountainside of Mount Akagi becomes a beautiful pink at the Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura event, and in July there is a large Tanabata festival with beautiful paper decorations. In the winter (Jan -March) Onuma Lake in Mout Akagi freezes, and people gather from afar to go Wakasagi fishing on the frozen lake.

When visiting, the easiest way to get to Maebashi City from Tokyo is by train. Take the JR Joetsu Shinkansen/Hokuriku Shinkansen to JR Takasaki (55min)  and change to JR Ryomo Line to JR Maebashi Station (15min). If you prefer, you can also take a taxi from JR Takasaki Station instead of taking the JR Ryomo line.


From Tokyo to JR Maebashi Station. 

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Things to DO in Maebashi City


Rinkokaku (臨江閣) was built in 1884 to host dignitaries. Visitors can go inside this historical building as well as enjoy the beautiful garden and art displays.

Mt. Akagi

30-minute drive from city center is Mt. Akagi (赤城山). Enjoy scenic hikes and stunning lake views. A perfect nature getaway with cycling, trecking, camping and boat rentals.

Contemporary Art

Maebashi is know as the art city with many museums and galleries. Try visiting 'Art Maebashi', 'Maebashi Galleria', 'Taiyo no Kane (by Taro Okamoto)' and 'Shiroiya Hotel'.

Wakasagi Fishing on lake Onuma

Experience the thrill of Wakasagi fishing on the frozen Onuma lake surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Mt. Akagi. (Mid Jan to Mid March)

Sakura Viewing

Maebashi city is home to Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura(赤城南面千本桜)where visitors can view 1,000 beautiful sakura on the side of Mt Akagi.

Donryu Yokocho

Reborn in 2021, Donryu Yokocho (呑龍横丁) is a charming Yokocho that exudes Showa-era nostalgia. With a variety of friendly eateries and sake bars, explore the history and flavors of this revitalized gem!

EATING in Maebashi City

Japanese Food

Maebashi is the capital of Gunma Prefecture so there is a very wide variety of Japanese restaurants to choose from. From fine dining that offers Jyushu Wagyu beef and “Ginhikari”, the highest grade rainbow trout, to local delights such as soba, yakitori, Japanese curry rice, katsu don and buta don.

Western Food

Maebashi is a large city and has many Western-style restaurants. You can find anything from high-end French cuisine and Steak restaurants serving the best local Wagyu to cafes,  pasta shops and very affordable family restaurants.

Sauce Katsudon

Sauce Katsudon a speciality in Maebashi city

Sauce Katsudon(ソースカツ丼)is an iconic dish that features a perfectly crispy pork cutlet in a delicious sauce and served atop a bed of fluffy rice. Don’t miss your chance to savor the essence of Maebashi through this unforgettable flavor.

Places to STAY in Maebashi City

Hotels (Western style)

There are budget business-style Western hotels to choose from, as well as a few luxury art hotels including the Shiroiya Hotel which features many famous contemporary artists from around the world.  Towards Mt. Akagi visitors can also find glamping sites.

Japanese style

Most hotels in central Maebashi are Western , but Japanese-style ryokans with onsen baths can be found on the foot hills of Mt Akagi.

Shiroiya Hotel

Entrance of Shiroiya Hotel in Maebashi city

Shiroiya Hotel is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel/art destination where contemporary art and rich history merge seamlessly. This innovative luxury hotel designed by Sou Fujimoto features striking installations, like Leandro Erlich’s ‘Lighting Pipes,’ and guest rooms displaying works by international artists.

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