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Highlights of Hitachinaka City

Hitachinaka is a seaside town located in Ibaraki prefecture, about 75 minutes from Tokyo.

It is known as the ‘Flower & Seaside’ town and is famous for the Hitachi Seaside Park, where visitors come to enjoy the Nemophila flowers in spring and Kochia in autumn.

As Hitachinaka is a coastal city, it is a great place to enjoy seafood, with the Nakaminato fish market (那珂湊おさかな広場/Nakaminato Osakana Hiroba) offering good sushi and sashimi restaurants that are open in the morning.

Katsuta station (勝田駅) in Hitachinaka city is easily accessible from Tokyo, with direct express trains taking only 75 minutes. The most popular times to visit Hitachinaka are early May and October, but summer also offers fun festivals.


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Things to DO in Hitachinaka City

Flowers all seasons

Hitachinaka is most famous for Hitachi Seaside Park's (ひたち海浜公園 / Hitashi Kaihin Koen) beautiful flowers. Nemophilas (May) and Kochia (October) are most famous, but Narcissus, Tulips and Roses are also popular.

Fish Market

The Nakamitano Osakana Hiroba (那珂湊おさかな市場) is a popular fish market with locals and tourist. People come to buy fish here and there are many restaurants that offer fresh Sushi and Sashimi. Make sure to visit the morning as is is most active then.

Hoshiimo Shrine

One local speciality is Hoshiimo (dried sweet potato). So the locals built a shrine dedicated to it! The golden torii gates are a rare site.

Hitachi Seaside Park

Kochia Hitachi Seaside Park

One of Japan’s most popular flower parks near Tokyo. This large park by the sea is known for vibrant colors through the year such as Nemophila in the spring and Kochia in autumn giving you a sense of all four seasons. It also has a amusement park, forest athletic field, and BBQ area popular with young couples and families.

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A chat with Hitachinaka city tourism

Read through our chat with the Hitachinaka city's tourism office who helped us discover even more interesting things about Hitachinaka!

EATING in Hitachinaka City

Seafood (Sashimi, Sushi etc)

As Hitachinaka is by the sea, and has a fish market and restaurants where you can eat a lot of fresh fish. Try delicious Sushi and Sashimi (or a Sashimi bowl like the photo!)

Hitachinaka Kaisen-don

Hoshi Imo
(Dried Sweet Potato)

One of Ibaraki prefecture’s speciality is dried sweet potato called Hishiimo (ほしいも). It is an extremely healthy snack with no added sugars or flavors.

Nakaminato Yakisoba

Another local speciality is Nakaminato style Yakisoba. This Yakisoba is made using slightly thicker noodles and steamed using ‘Tenobe Seiro Mushi Men (手延べせいろ蒸し麺)’ style.

Japanese Food

There are many Japanese restaurants in Hitachinaka. For early morning bites visit Nakaminato Fish Market, and for evening there are many restaurants near Katsuta Station.

Western Food

Hitachinaka has a variety of western style restaurants. Check out near Katsuta station as well as main roads for Family restaurants (budget restaurants).


Saza Coffee is a well known coffee chain that started in Hitachinaka. There is Edo period style ‘Shogun coffee’ as well premium Geisha coffee so make sure to check it out when you are in Hitachinaka city.

Places to STAY in Hitachinaka City

Hotels (Western style)

There are several business style western hotels in Hitachinaka.

Onsen Ryokan

There are not many Ryokansin Hitachinaka.

Hotel Crystal Palace

Lobby of Hotel Crystal Palace in Hitachinaka city

A western-style affordable hotel conveniently close to Hitachi Seaside Park, Oarai, and Ajigaura, which are famous sightseeing spots near Tokyo. Also easily accessible from Mito. (The nearest station is Katsuta)

Holiday rental (Airbnb)

There are several Airbnbs.

Want prices?

Find the full list of airbnb’s available at aribnb here.

Day trips from Hitachinaka City

Each of these places are within a day trip away. Click on the image to find out more.

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