Tochigi Autumn Float Festival
(Tochigi Aki Matsuri)

とちぎ秋まつり (栃木市)

Traditional Edo-style festival floats parade the streets to the sound of Taiko drumming.

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on July 6, 2024
The organizers have confirmed that this event is GOING ahead.


: 1st (Fri) to 3rd (Sun) November
This is a biannual event
*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.

*Information last checked on 2024-07-06


1st Day (1st Nov) 

Children's Day

*This day is a children's version. Local children take the Dashi (floats) around town.

9:30-11:30 AM and 1:15- 3:30 PM


2nd & 3rd Day (2nd & 3rd Nov) 

Main Festival Days

A Full day of float parades. ‘Butsuke (battle of the floats)’ is in the evening.

1:30-8:00 PM 

*This is a biannual event

*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.

*Information last checked on 2024-07-06



*Information last checked on 2024-07-06

How to enjoy the Tochigi Autumn Float Festival ?

Take photos

Experience Traditional Japan

Fun for the family

Solo travelers

Enjoy for 3-5 hours

🏮Witness the 💥Battle of festival Floats🥁

Traditional Edo-style festival floats called ‘Dashi’ carry exquisitely carved figures decorated in gold and silver. Watch by as they parade up and down the streets to the sound of overwhelming taiko drummers.

In the evening you can also watch ‘Butsuke’ where floats battle against each other.

This biannual festival at the start of November is one of the best traditional festivals in this region so make sure not to miss it.

Things to do nearby Tochigi Autumn Float Festival

Local recommendations

Shoai Samurai

Group photo after Shoai Samurai indigo dying experience in Mibu town, Tochigi prefecture, Japan
Visit Shoai Samurai for a unique, eco-friendly Japanese culture experience. Try traditional indigo dyeing (Aizome) and support the local community. Create your masterpiece while making a positive impact!
A couple in Kimono walking in font of traditional Japanese building. Abuden Miso Tochigi City

Tochigi City

Tochigi City is 1 hour north of Tokyo and is a popular destination on the way to Nikko or Ashikaga. Visitors can enjoy many traditional Edo period activities here.
Places to EAT in Tochigi City
Places to STAY in Tochigi City

Hotels (Western Style)

There is a few western style hotels around the north side of Tochigi Station.

Ryokan (Japanese Style)

Tochigi City is home to  Kanahan, a hisorical Ryokan in the town center.

Guesthouses & Aiirbnbs

There is a guesthouse on the Uzuma river near the town centerand a few airbnbs.

Kanahan (Ryokan)

Kanahan Ryokan in Tochigi City
Make your stay in Japan special. Visit this family-run ryokan with a history since the Edo period. Its been carefully renovated keeping the original building and feel. Some meals on the menu were even created based on old documents from Edo-period. (Baths are all private)

Access (How to get to the Tochigi Autumn Float Festival)

How to get there

Public Transport

80 min from Tokyo by train.


80 min drive from Tokyo by car.

Location & Address


Center of Tochigi city’s main street (around Yorozucho Police station).

Yorozucho, Tochigi-city, Tochigi Pref


Access from Tokyo

By Public Transport

Via Tochigi Station (Tobu Line or JR Ryomo Line)​

Take the Tobu Line or JR Ryomo Line to Tochig Station and exit from the North exit. Walk 10 minutes towards the city center (up the main road), and you won’t miss the festival!


Via Shin-Tochigi Station (Tobu Line)​

If coming from Nikko or Utsunomiya, take the Tobu Line to Shi-Tochig Station and exit from the West Exit. Walk 15 minutes towards the city center, and you won’t miss the festival!

We recommend using a travel app like Google Maps or Japan Transit Planner to find train times.

By Car

Via Tichigi IC on Tohoku Expressway and Kita-Kanto Expressway

From the Tochigi IC on the Tohoku Expressway and Kita-Kanto Expressway, drive 20 minutes.

(Traffic and parking are limited, and it can get quite crowded. We recommend traveling by public transport as this is easy. If you need to drive, we recommend leaving your car at a nearby station and taking the train.)

We recommend using a travel app like Google Maps or Japan Transit Planner to find train times.

Contact Details (Event Organizer)

For information about this event, please contact the Tochigi City Tourist Office directly.
Tel: +81 (0)282-21-2374

Tochigi City Tourism Website (External Link – Japanese)

Tochigi Prefecture Tourist Association Website (External Link – Japanese)

Tochigi City Tourist Association Website (External Link – Japanese)

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