The Best places to enjoy Rafting & Canyoning Activities from Tokyo

What's cool about Rafting & Canyoning Activities Near Tokyo

— Get an Adrenaline rush rafting and canyoning near Tokyo —

Season: April-November

1 ) Minakami Area

2 hours from Tokyo

Japanese: みなかみエリア(群馬県)

🌊Let the Fun Begin😄! It’s Time to Go Wild and Get Wet 💦!
The Heaven for Outdoor 🔥 Enthusiasts 🔥 –Minakami!

Minakami offers different kinds of activities to give adrenaline junkies their 🎯 fix ! Especially for those who are obsessed with 💦water sports, you’re exactly where you need to be!

Let’s start with an exhilarating 🚣 whitewater rafting on the 🌊 rapids on the upper course of Tone River. There are various river courses available to suit everyone from 😳 nervous beginners to 😎 serious adrenaline seekers.

Craving for more thrills and spills? 👉 Then canyoning is the one! Your local 🚶guide (many who speak English) will take you cascading down the steep canyons and 💦 powerful waterfalls, ending with an exciting jump or ☄️ rapid slide into emerald green pools!

✨Come and have a fun day rafting and canyoning near Tokyo!

MAX Minakami

Outdoor activities in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn in Minakami

Unleash your spirit of adventure! With 25 years of experience, MAX Minakami in Gunma offers thrilling activities year-round: rafting, canyoning, and SUP in clear waters from spring to autumn, plus snowshoeing and air boarding in winter. Perfect for families and beginners!

Other operators in Minakami

–  Canyons    –  Bigwave Minakami   

2 ) Nagatoro area

Japanese: 長瀞エリア(埼玉県)

🎈A Supreme Water 🌈 Paradise in Nagatoro !

Designated as an unspoiled 🏞️natural waterpark and located only 2 hours from Tokyo by 🚄train. Nagatoro is the ultimate city getaway alternative for both water activity lovers💗 and people who want to get away from the ☀️summer heat.

Visitors can enjoy a large selection of 💦water activities. One of the top attractions is 🚣 rafting down the 🌊white water rapids of Arakawa River, which flows through the ✨stunning gorge. You can also throw yourself into a 💦thrilling canyoning adventure by sliding down from tempestuous waterfalls❗️

No matter the activity you choose, you will always get a chance to have a close-up 👀look into Nagatoro’s special Iwadatami cliffs and stunning 🌲 flora that lies along the river banks. Whenever you come, there is always something to do in Nagatoro 👌!

Operators in Nagatoro

–  Amshous & Friends   – Waterpark Nagatoro Rafting

3 ) Kinugawa Onsen area

Japanese: 鬼怒川温泉(栃木県)

💦Splash Splash SPLASH!!!🚣💦
Get Soaked to the Skin in the ✨Beautiful Kinugawa River😆!

Kinugawa isn’t only known for its ♨hot springs but also for its majestic 🌿nature that calls for fun outdoor activities😆

Come visit the Kinugawa Onsen 2 hours north of Tokyo to enjoy activities like 🚣rafting with your friends and family! As you hold on tight and crash through the 🌊waves together, your friendships and teamwork will grow even ✨stronger in the wilderness! I

In addition to rafting, you can also try 💦canyoning, an adventurous sport that includes 💦sliding down rocks, 💦swimming under waterfalls, and 💦jumping off cliffs into the water!

Visit Kinugawa for a fun and active day, full of 😆laughter and… 💦 💦 SPLASHES!!! 💦 💦

Operators in Knugawa

–  NAOC  – Kinugawa Rafting Center

4 ) Shibukawa Area

Japanese: 渋川エリア(群馬県)

🌊 🚣 Escape the Bustling City on an 💦 Exhilarating Adventure! 💦

Enjoy a 💦 thrilling water rafting expedition in one of Tokyo’s neighboring mountains!

Made for the active explorer, the expeditions in Akagi take you around the pristine waters of the 🏞️ Tonegawa River, the largest river in Japan! With both full and half-day 🚣 tours available, it’s easy to tailor your experience! 

🚣 After your full day of heart-pumping 💦splashing fun , enjoy a night of easy relaxation in Ikaho Onsen, one of the most famous in Japan! Feel close to nature and thrill your soul at the base of the beautiful Mt. Akagi.🗻

Come see the Japan not shown in 📖 guidebooks❗

Operators in Shibukawa

–  Green Discovery – Splash Akagi

Map of Rafting & Canyoning near Tokyo

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