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What to do in Mashiko

Create your own mashiko pottery

As a famous pottery town, Mashiko has more than 200 pottery studios. As well as finding a nice souvenir, visitors can also give the wheel a spin and make their trip to Japan more special.

Experience the local drink (Sake)

Mashiko boasts their very own Sake brewery. Founded nearly 100 years ago, Tonoike Sake Brewery is a multi-award-winning sake brewery which is visitor-friendly and a fun place to stop by.

Explore the Mashiko countryside

Why not hire a bicycle from the several bike spots around town? Spring and autumn are wonderful times to bike through the hills and fields on one of our town’s power-assisted bicycles. 

Discover local culture

Why not learn the history and art of pottery? Several museums showcase Mashiko’s unique pottery culture and the 100-year-history with the UK.

Indulge in delicious Strawberries

Mashiko grows the best strawberries in the world! Two popular strawberry farms offer strawberry picking where visitors can come and pick the luxurious Tochiotome & Sky-berry strawberries.

Where to stay in Mashiko


Offering western style bedrooms and traditional tatami style rooms with a ensuite onsen.

Mashikokan Satoyama Resort Hotel

Hotel website
Furuki Guesthouse in Mashiko


No frills budget guesthouse in a traditional Japanese house. Popular with potters and backpackers.
Photo of outside of Morinogarden (holiday home)

Holiday Home

Are you looking for an airbnb or a holiday home to rent with your friends and family?

Morino Garden

Book Here

Travel Assistance

Hagiwara Kanko

Established in 1978, Hagiwara Kanko is a highly reputable local travel company offering original bus tours in the Tochigi area as well as tailor-made tours from Tokyo and international airports. (Wheelchair access busses are available)

Mashiko Tourism Office

Located next to Mashiko Station, visitors can pop by the office to pick up English brochures and talk to the local staff for advice.

Local volunteer guides

For 10-40 people

Choose from 3 selected courses lasting 2.5 to 3 hours each, or ask to arrange tailor-made walking tours. Please see the Mashiko Tourist Association website for more information and click on the button on right to download the application form.

Getting around Mashiko

It’s easy to get around !


The pottery area is within a 20 min walk from Mashiko Station.


The best way to experience Mashiko is on a bike! Bike hire is very affordable and is available throughout the town.


If it’s raining or you have luggage taxis are also useful.

Car Hire

Car hire is available near the station and at Satoyama Resort Hotel.

Local Train

12 trains a day connect the pottery area and strawberry picking farm (4 min ride). A steam engine runs on weekends.

Local Bus

You can find local buses at the station and Kyohan center in the pottery area. 

Pottery Experiences

Selection of popular pottery experiences in Mashiko

Instructor showing how to make pottery


A popular destination for overseas potters. Furuki offers 3 hour classes as well as full-day classes and space hire.

Speak English


Overseas shipping



9:00-12:00 (3h) or 13:00-16:00 (3h) or 9:00-16:00 (6h)


From 3,700 yen (3 h) or 5,800 yen (6h) +postage

Trying mashiko pottery

Komine Gama

A friendly pottery studio with a pottery shop. Staff are helpful and welcoming.

Speak English


Overseas shipping



3 x a day from 10:00 -12:00, 13:00-15:00 or 15:00-17:00


From 2,700 yen  + postage

Yamani Otsuka

Located beside the ‘Kyohan Center’ Yamani Otsuka is a convenient pottery studio offering 45 min pottery workshops. 

Speak English


Overseas shipping



Open from 9:30-16:00


From 2,300 yen +postage

Interested in taking a pottery class?

Check out our new pottery experience (pottery workshop) web page to watch videos and find out about the pottery experiences.

Museums & Galleries

Selection of museums and galleries

Visiting a pottery gallery in mashiko

Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art

Visitors can view collections from legendary potters such as Shoji Hamada and Tatsuzo Shimaoka as well as British potter Bernard Leach and artists from the early stages of Leach Pottery.

Speak English




Closed on Mondays and inbetween exhibitions


Adult 600 yen

Visiting Hamada's pottery studio in Mashiko

Mashiko Sankokan Museum

Visitors can walk around Shoji Hamada’s studio and peek inside his famous Noborigama kiln which is still in use as well as admire his collections from around the world.

Speak English




Closed on Mondays and inbetween exhibitions


Adult 800 yen

Visiting Higeta Indigo studio in Mashiko, Japan

Higeta Aizome Kobo

Spreading Japan’s traditional art of indigo dyeing and other vegetable dyeing over the last two centuries Higeta is a popular destination for people visiting Mashiko.

Speak English




Closed on Mondays


Free to look around

Sake Brewery


Tonoike Sake Brewery

Mashiko’s only sake brewery. Come and learn how their award-winning sake is made.

Speak English



Open 365 days. (9:00-17:00)


Free (Tasting 500 – 800 yen)

Strawberry Picking

Eat as much strawberries as you like at Yoshimura Strawberry Park

Yoshimura Strawberry Farm

Come and pick/eat some delicious Japanese strawberries!

Speak English



December – Early May  (Open 7 days a week. Mornings are best to visit)


1,000 – 1,600 yen

Mashiko Kano Ichigo Danchi

Come and pick/eat some delicious Japanese strawberries!

Speak English



December – Early May  (Open 7 days a week. Except New Years Day)


1,000 – 1,600 yen

Events in Mashiko

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How to get to Mashiko

By Train

From Tokyo via JR Utsunomiya Station  (JR Line)

From Tokyo, take the Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) to JR Utsunomiya Station. Then take the bus to Mashiko Station.

Check out the ‘Japan Transit Planner’ for train times to Utsunomiya.
Approx. 2 -2.5 hours

From Tokyo via Shimodate Station  (Moka Line)

From Tokyo take the Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) to JR Oyama Station. Then take the JR Mito line to Shimodate Station and the Moka Line to Mashiko. (Steam engines also run on weekends!)

Check out the ‘Japan Transit Planner’ for train times to Oyama, Shimodate & Mashiko Stations Approx. 3 hours

By Bus

From Akihabara in Tokyo (Yakimono Liner) 

4 direct busses run from Akihabara in Tokyo to Mashiko and back everyday. This is the most convenient way of getting to Mashiko from Tokyo. Fairs are Approx. 3,800 yen for a return ticket. See here for bus timetables. 

Approx. 2.5 hours

From the Airport

From Narita Airport

Hire a car and take the Expressway to Moka Interchange.
(20 min drive from Moka IC)

Approx. 90 min

From Haneda Airport

Take the Train to JR Utsunomiya and take a bus or rent a car. 

Approx. 180 min

From Ibaraki Airport

Hire a car and take the Expressway to Moka Interchange.
(20 min drive from Moka IC)

Approx. 80 min


Maps and Guides of Mashiko

English Guides

Mashiko Tourist Guide (Detailed)

Discover Mashiko Brochure

Download Discover Mashiko Brochure

Pottery & Accommodation Map

Soba & Udon Map

Food & Restaurant Map


Mashiko Tourist Office
Phone: +81 285-72-8846

1539-2 Mashiko, Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi-ken, Japan 321-4217
〒321-4217 栃木県芳賀郡益子町益子1539-2

Open Times:

MON-FRI 08:30 – 17:15
SAT 08:30 – 17:00
SUN 08:30 – 17:15
*Please check for Bank Holidays

We look forward to seeing you!

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