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Mashiko SPRING Pottery Fair

(Mashiko Haruno Toki Ichi)


One of the ‘Largest Craft Fair’ nearby Tokyo


2021: 28th April (Wed) to 5th May (Wed)

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


9.00 am to 5.00 pm

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.



How to enjoy the Mashiko SPRING Pottery Fair

Artistic experience

Shop for something Special!

Great girls day out

Traveling solo

Fun for couples

Wonderful artisan cafes

Enjoy for 1 whole day!

⚱️Come enjoy a unique pottery experience in Mashiko Town⚱️

👀Come find your once-in-a-lifetime pottery at one of 🇯🇵Japan’s largest pottery fair❗️

Every year during 🎌Japan’s Golden Week Holiday (Around the end of April-early May), the time-honored Spring Pottery Fair⚱️(Started in 1966) is held in Mashiko Town. A massive variety of pottery from daily necessities to art crafts will be ready in more than 50 shops and 500 outdoor display tents🎪at reduced prices!

Take your time to 🚶wander around, and if you’re a pottery lover don’t miss this chance to talk directly with pottery artists and craftsmen! Come and share the excitement with Mashiko and lose yourself in a world of pottery❗️

What to do nearby Mashiko Spring pottery fair

– Local recommendations –


  • Cycling
  • Walking

Unique Experiences

  • Pottery Workshops (Pottery Experiences)


  • Sake Brewery Tour
  • Museums

Food / Drinks

  • Strawberry Picking
  • Sake Tasting
  • Amazing local restaurants
  • Great cafes

Find out more here

We’ve created a special online guide for Mashiko to help overseas visitors explore Mashiko. Please click on the image to have a look.

Image of Discover Mashiko (Online guide for exploring Mashiko)

How to get to the Mashiko Spring pottery fair

By Train

From JR Utsunomiya Station (JR Utsunomiya Line)

From JR Utsunomiya Station take the bus to Mashiko Station. From Mashiko Station hire a bicycle (20min) or take a bus/taxi (10min).

From Mashiko Station (Moka Line)

From Mashiko Station hire a bicycle (20min) or take a bus/taxi (10min).

By Bus

Highway Bus ‘Yakimono Liner’ from JR Akihabara Sta.

From JR Akihabara Station take the Yakimono Liner Bus ‘Highway bus ‘  (approx 2.5 hours). Get off at Mashiko Station. From Mashiko Sta. hire a bicycle (20min) or take a bus/taxi (10min).

By Car

20 min drive from Moka IC on the Kitakanto Expressway (Kitakanto Jidoshado).


Kamiyama, Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi Pref.  Japan 321-4226
〒321-4226 栃木県芳賀郡益子町上山

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Any questions about this event?

For information about this event please contact the Tourist Office directly.

Tel: +81 0285-70-1120

Email: Contact Form (External Link)


Online Mashiko Guide (English)

English Website (External Link)

Japanese Event Website (External Link)

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