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Highlights of Tochigi City

Tochigi City is in Tochigi Prefecture, located between Tokyo and the UNESCO World Heritage site Nikko. It is also a few stops from Ashikaga City, where Ashikaga Flower Park is located. This makes it a great hub if you are visiting this area by train or car.

In the Edo period (1603 to 1868), Tochigi City (栃木市) prospered from its location on the Uzumagawa River, which connected it with the capital, Edo (now Tokyo). At that time, envoys from Kyoto would travel through Tochigi via the Reiheishi-way to visit the Shrines and Temples of Nikkō. Tochigi City soon became a famous merchant town, and successful traders went on to support world-famous artists such as Kitagawa Utamaro, who influenced Western artists of the 19th century, such as Vincent van Gogh.

As the city escaped war damage during World War II, many historical temples, shops, and storehouses remain for visitors to enjoy.

Tochigi City is also home to Mt. Ohira (大平山) know for its Hydrangea & Sakura festivals, as well as Watarase Yusuichi ( a retarding basin) protected under the Ramsar convention.

Festivals such as Tochigi Autumn Festival and Utamaro Festival are another good reason to visit.


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Things to do in Tochigi city

Highlights of Tochigicity

Things to DO in Tochigi City

Western lady trying on a Kimono as a Edo experience in Tochigi City

Try an EDO Experience

As Tochigi was once a prospering Edo merchant town, it offers activities & experiences where visitors can experience traditional Japanese culture. You can learn about Ukiyo-e, try on Kimono, take a boat (gondola) ride down the canal, visit museums and a traditional incense stick shop.
Grape picking near Tokyo

Go Fruit Picking

This region is known for its grapes and as well as its wide variety of fruits grown throughout the year. There are many farms open to the public where visitors can pay to pick fresh fruit.
International travelers in Kimono relaxing in a coffee shop in Tochigi City.

Relax in the best coffee shops

The younger generation of the town have started a trend of opening artisan coffee shops around the city using unused old buildings. New coffee shops are popping up all the time, so make sure to look out for some unique cafes when walking around!
View of sakura trees after hiking to the top of Ohirasan (Mt. Ohira) in Tochigi City

Hike Mt. Ohira​

20min drive from the city center is Mt. Ohira (341m). You can hike to the top using the may of its hiking trails. The best time to visit is Spring  (Mt. Ohira's Sakura cherry blossom), June (Mt. Ohira's Hydrangea Festival) & Autumn to see the colourful autumn leaves.
A group of people enjoying a hot air balloon above Watarase Yusuichi (Watarase Retarding Basin) in Tochigi City

Visit Watarase Yusuichi

Watarase Yusuichi (Watarase retarding basin) is a heart shaped  basin where visitors can spot with many wild birds and nature protected by Ramsar Convention.  If you like thrilling activities, why not sign-up for a skydiving session from 4,000m above the basin! (The highest point of skydiving in Japan!)

Shoai Samurai

Group photo after Shoai Samurai indigo dying experience in Mibu town, Tochigi prefecture, Japan
Visit Shoai Samurai for a unique, eco-friendly Japanese culture experience. Try traditional indigo dyeing (Aizome) and support the local community. Create your masterpiece while making a positive impact!

Special Tochigi city Travel Guide

We’ve created a special online guide about Tochigi City to help overseas visitors explore Tochigi. 

Click the image or the button below to discover more!

EATING in Tochigi City

Japanese Food

There are many Japanese restaurants. You can find Kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner), Soba, Okonomiyaki,  Izakaya style Japanese restaurants and more.

Western Food

For lunch, why not stop by the trendy artisan coffee shops spread around Tochigi city. There is also a very popular Nepalese restaurant with tasty curry dishes as well as many European & themed restaurants.

Enjoy a Edo inspired meal

Tochigi is home to Tochigi Edoryori, which is a style of dishes that are inspired by ingredients and dishes popular in the city during the Edo period when Tochigi was a prosperous merchant city. (Photos of the restaurants/dishes)

Places to STAY in Tochigi City

Ryokan (Japanese style)

There are a few traditional Japanese Ryokans including the historical Kanahan Ryokan (see below) which is where Isabella Bird (an English explorer) as well as the Japanese Royal Family is said to have stayed.


There are several western style business hotels in Tochigi city mainly near the city center.


There is a popular guesthouse in the center of the city. As well as bunkbeds there are some Japanese tatami rooms suitable for a group of 2-3 people on a budget. 

Holiday rental (Airbnb)

There are several Airbnbs around the city.

Kanahan (Ryokan)

Kanahan Ryokan in Tochigi City
Make your stay in Japan special. Visit this family-run ryokan with a history since the Edo period. Its been carefully renovated keeping the original building and feel. Some meals on the menu were even created based on old documents from Edo-period. (Baths are all private)

Top EVENTS around Tochigi City

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