Kuki City

Highlights of Kuki City

Kuki City (久喜市) is a city in Saitama Prefecture with easy access to Tokyo. 

Summer is a great time to visit Kuki, as there is the Kuki Chouchin Festival in mid-July, during which huge floats with lanterns parade the city after dark. Just before this, in mid-June, there is also the Lavender and Iris Festival, where visitors can enjoy the scenery and purchase lavender products.

To get to Kuki from Tokyo, you can either take the Utusnomiya line (60 minutes from Tokyo or Shinjuku) or take the express train from Tobu Asakusa station (45 minutes). It is also close to Kuki IC on the Tohoku Expressway, offering good access by car (60-90min).


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Videos of Kuki City

Kuki Chouchin Festival

Iris at Shoubujyoushi Ayameen

Things to DO in Kuki City

Kuki lantern festival

With a 240 year old history, The Kuki Chouchin Festival (久喜提燈祭り) is one of the largest lantern festivals near Tokyo. 6 meter floats with hundreds of lanterns make an impressive view. You can watch locals assemble the floats form noon as well as paformances at night.

Washinomiya Shrine

Washinomiya Shrine (鷲宮神社) is known as one of the oldest shrines around Tokyo and performs popular Kagura dance six times a year. However it is also popular among anime fans who know it as the Takanomiya Shrine from “Lucky Star.” You can buy Lucky Star items here.

Iris and Lavenders

In mid June Kuki turns blue with Iris and Lavenders. Make sure to check out The Blue Festival featuring these beautiful flowers in mid June.

EATING in Kuki City

Japanese Food

Kuki is a large city with many Japanese restaurants, such as Tonkatsu, Yakitori, Yakinikku, Ramen, and izakaya restaurants. Many are located around the West exit of JR Kuki Station.

Western Food

Kuki is a large city with many Western-style food restaurants, including a popular Beer& Berger (+brewery) restaurant and restaurants with European-style foods, Family-style restaurants, and Fast food chains. Many are located around the West exit of JR Kuki Station.

Lavender Manju

The lavender manju (ラベンダー饅頭) is a sweet treat only available during the summer seasons. It has lavender-colored skin and sweet bean paste inside. 

Places to STAY in Kuki City

Hotels (Western style)

As Kuki is close to Tokyo, it is easy to find budget Western-style business hotels, through most online booking sites.


Day trips from Kuki City

Each of these places are within a day trip away. Click on the image to find out more.

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