Numata City

Highlights of Numata City

Numata City is a small city surrounded by beautiful mountains 2 hours north of Tokyo.

It is known for its giant Tengu masks and the history of when it was ruled by the famous Sanada clan 400 years ago. It is also home to Fukiware falls and Tanbara lavender park as well as Tambara ski park which is a ski resort popular with families and beginners. Numata also has many camping sites and an Onsen (Hot spring) district called Oigami Onsen.

In August, there is a popular festival called ‘Numata festival’  where the TENGU masks parade through the city (click to read the festival guide we created here), and in September people come from far to see the amazing Fireworks (click to read the fireworks guide we created here).

The easiest way to visit Numata city from Tokyo is by train or car. By train, take the Shinkansen to Jyomokogen and take a bus to Numata city  or take a Shinkansen to Takasaki and change to JR Jyoetsu Line via Shin-Maebashi station and get off at Numata station. By car, Numata city is approximately 10 minutes from the Numata IC on the Kanetsu Expressway. 


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Fukiware Falls

Things to DO in Numata City

Fukiware Falls

Fukiwari Falls(吹割の滝) is a interesting waterfall called the Niagara of Japan. Huge rocks blow apart the boulders.
There is a walking trail that takes about one hour, and it can also be seen from the suspension bridge. (Map)

Oigami Onsen

Oigami Onsen (老神温泉) is a hot spring destination located just a 30-minute drive towards the Oze Nikko area. One of the highlights is the lively morning market which is held every day from April to mid-November. Another is the annual "Daija Matsuri (大蛇まつり)" held every May. Autumn is really beautiful with breathtaking autumn foliage. (Map)

The Great Tengu Mask

This is one of the three great TENGU masks in Japan and is the largest wooden carved one in the country. It's located at Mirokuji temple (弥勒寺) in Mt. Kashozan (迦葉山). There are more Tengu masks around Numata including one in Numata Castle Park (沼田城址公園).
Hudge TENGU Masks are also used at the Numata Festival. (Map)


Tambara lavender park (たんばらラベンダーパーク) is a lavender park which opens in the summer on the ski grounds. Peaks season is in the summer around August. (Map)


Tambara ski park (たんばらスキーパーク) is small ski resort a short drive from the city center. It is popular with families and beginners who want to learn how to ski. (Map)

Taisho Roman Area

Taisho Roman Area (大正ロマンエリア) is a small area in central Numata where Taisho period buildings have been preserved. Visitors can walk around and go in some of the buildings. (Map)

EATING in Numata City

Japanese Food

There are a wide range of Japanese restaurants in Numata city. One speciality of Numata is ‘Tonkatsu’ which uses local pork.  On route 120 towards Nikko you can find many Tonkatsu restaurants to choose from.

Western Food

Numata city is a fairly large town and has a variety of western style restaurants from family restaurants (budget restaurants), cafes, and high-end cuisine.


Girls picking apples. Things to do in Numata City

There is no shortages of fresh fruits in Numata!

Starting from Strawberries (Nov-May), the Numata’s fruit season continues on to Cherries (June), Blueberries (July), Plums (August), Nectarines (Aug – Sep), Prunes (August), Peaches (mid Aug-mid Sep), Grapes (Sep-Oct), Apples (Sep-Nov) and Kaki/Persimmon (Nov).

Places to STAY in Numata City

Hotels (Western style)

There are western style hotels and business hotels in the centre of Numata city.

Many pensions (family-run small western style accommodations) can also be found in Tambara area near the lavender park / ski park.

Ryokan (Japanese style)

Oigami Onsen area (老神温泉) has many types of ryokans with hot springs. 

Camping & Glamping

Camping (and Glamping) are popular activities in Numata). 

– Maps for camping  sites

(Map) (Map) (Map) (Map)

– Maps for glamping sites


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