Snow and Sakura and a windmill near Mt Akagi

Discover Mt. Akagi

Outdoor activities and breathtaking views accessible year-round.

Beautiful night sky at Mount Akagi (Lake Onuma)
How to get around? (click)

When you are at the summit area, the best way to get around is by bicycle. Fujimi Onsen, Ogo, and beyond are accessible by bus and local train. You can also hire a car near Takasaki Station (make sure to bring an international driving license).

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Hiking and Cycling:

Mt. Akagi has beautiful hiking trails for all levels, and both the summit and lower areas of the mountain are great for cycling.


In the winter, you can go snowshoeing and ice fishing or pedal boating on the caldera lake in the warmer months.


There are spectacular opportunities for flower viewing, with cherry blossoms at Akagi Senbon Zakura and azaleas which bloom during the end of May and June near the top of the mountain.

When is the best time to go? (click)

There are many activities all-year-round.



During the end of May and June you can see Akagi’s famous azaleas blooming all over the mountain.



It’s always about 10°C cooler up around the summit area, so it’s a great place to escape the heat in the summer.



Akagi is a great spot for fall foliage viewing.



From January to March there are opportunities for snowshoeing and ice fishing.

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Akagi Trip has all the info you need to plan your trip and book activities on and around Mt. Akagi, including detailed access info  (www.akagi 



You can also find more information in our Akagi area page (


You can also find updates and current seasonal information on Akagi’s English Facebook page ( 


For direct inquiries, you can contact Akagi Trip here 



How to get to Mt. Akagi? (click)

The easiest way to get to Mt. Akagi is to catch the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Tokyo to Takasaki and change to JR Ryomo line and take the Kanetsu bus from Maebashi Station. Or you can rent-a-car from Takasaki Station. The journey takes around 2h 30min . 

For train times check this english site. (external)

Japan Transit Planner

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Discover Mt. Akagi in 2DAYS

Day 1

Start your trip by exploring the lakeshore by e-bike

Start your Akagi adventure with a power-assisted bike ride. Pedal along the lake and let the beautiful landscape take your breath away. Take in the sights of the caldera lake, while your guide shows you around. Your trip includes a traditional temple visit and a delicious local lunch. Book online.

Explore Oonuma lake at Mount Akagi by e-bike
Mountain top restaurants

After your bike ride, you’ve earned all the local cuisine your belly can handle. Visit a restaurant by the lake with mountain views to taste the local flavours. Popular dishes are fried fish caught fresh from the lake and the local Gunma style udon cooked in a hearty broth.

Mountain top restaurants at Mout Akagi (Lake Oonuma)
Torii Toge Viewpoint

After lunch, drop by Torii Toge viewpoint where you can take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and plains. It’s easily accessible by car, and by bicycle as well as on foot. From this viewpoint, if you’re lucky, you might even find yourself floating among a vast sea of clouds!

Torii gate viewpoint at Akagi mountain
Akagi Shrine

Enjoy the culture of the region by visiting Akagi Shrine. This shrine is dedicated to the mountain since ancient times. This is where the history of the region can be truly experienced. Learn all of the stories of the region and leave your trip with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the area.

Akagi shrine by Lake Oonuma (Discover Mt. Akagi)
Aoki Ryokan

What an impressive day you’ve had. But it doesn’t end there. Spend the night in comfort to rest and recuperate after your long day. This traditional Japanese inn will give you an unforgettable overnight experience.

Aoki ryokan by Oonuma lake at near the top of Mount Akagi

This is your last activity of the day, and it’s well worth those extra minutes out of bed. Without the city lights enjoy the beautiful night sky above. Surrounded by the water and mountains, the clear night sky will be your final beauty to experience before your restful night. You won’t regret it.

Stargazing at Mount Akagi (Lake Oonuma)

Day 2


After a nights rest, it’s time to work those adventuring muscles again. Choose from a hiking route that Mt Akagi has to offer. From flat walking trails to an intermediate route taking you up to the summit. There are many beautiful hiking trails for all levels and you won’t be disappointed.

Hike to discover Mt Akagi in Gunma
Fujimi Onsen

After your hike, relax and unwind in the natural hot springs at Fujimi Onsen. Your mind and muscles will thank you for it.  While you recover, snack on Yakimanju, a local speciality. These sweet and salty grilled buns will keep you going for the last few steps of your adventure.

Relaxing in Fujimi Onsen at Mt Akagi
Ogo Train Yard

Take a short trip to Ogo train yard owned by the Jomo Electric Railway (established in 1926) and learn about the old machinery still use today. Check out the collection of retro trains and enjoy several hands-on experiences including a photo in the conductor’s seat. All aboard!

Visiting Ogo Train yard (Jyomo Electric Railsay)
Satoyama e-bike adventure
It’s time to take in the last views of the trip. Hop on an e-bike to enjoy the scenic farm town at the base of the mountain. Your guide will provide many insights about the area whilst you enjoy the scenery. A chance to enjoy the Japanese countryside like in the movies!
Discover Mt Akagi on a bicycle tour

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