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Highlights of Mito City

Mito is the capital of Ibaraki prefecture located about a 70min drive North-east of Tokyo.

It was and important region during the Edo period (1603-1868) and was home to Kodokan, the largest school in Japan. However, the transition from Edo to Meiji did not treat Mito well and there was a lot of internal fighting in the region which caused destruction to the city of Mito. The bombings of WW2 also devastated some of the historical buildings that were left.  

Popular visitor attractions are Kairakuen Park (偕楽園), Kodokan (弘道館), Tokugawa Museum (徳川ミュージアム) and Howaen Garden (保和苑) which are all full of history.

The best seasons to visit are mid Feb to early March when the Ume flowers are out in Kairakuen park (see Mito plum blossom festival) and mid to late June when Hydrangeas bloom at Howaen Garden (see Mito Hydrangea Festival). 

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Things to DO in Mito City

Kairakuen Garden

Kairakuen Garden (偕楽園) is a beautiful garden, which is especially popular for its flower displays.

Many people visit in spring to see the plum blossoms or in late Summer for the Hydrangea Festival.


Mito has a few museum that showcases Mito's history. One popular spot is Tokugawa Museum (徳川ミュージアム) near Kairakuen Garden and Mito City Museum (水戸市立博物館) with history of the city.


Kodokanwas the larges school in Edo period Japan which helped educate samurai children.

Visitors can still see some of the old buildings and explore what it was like to be educated there.

Flower Festivals

Mito is know for its flowers festivals. There is Plum (Ume) festival in February, Hydrangea festival in June and Hagi Flowers in September.

Ootemon gate at Mito castle ruines

This was the main gate to Mito Castle. It was rebuilt in 2020 and is a new attraction for Mito city.

Art Tower Mito

Art Tower Mito (Mito Tower) is a 100m tall tower next to a museum and concert hall. There is an observatory deck at 86m above ground and visitors can enjoy the view through round windows.

Places to EAT

Japanese Food

There are many Japanese restaurants in Mito. Mito is know for Natto, a staple in every Japanese breakfast, so why not try it here!

Western Food

Mito is the capital city of Ibaraki prefecture so it is very easy to find a variety of western and non-Japanese oriental restaurants. 

Vegan / Vegetarian

For anyone not eating meat or fish dishes, Mito has an amazing vegan restaurant called terra near Mito station.  It is well known in the area for its delicious began cuisine.


A small European style restaurant with delicious homemade food prepared with local ingredients hand-picked by our chef.

Places to STAY in Mito City

Hotels (Western style)

Mito is the capital of Ibaraki prefecture so there are many western style business hotels.

Holiday rental (Airbnb)

There are several Airbnbs.

Want prices?

Find the full list of airbnb’s available at aribnb here.

Hotel Sunroute Tochigi

Type: Western Style Business Hotel

Location: 4 min drive from JR Tochig Station. (located in city center)

Guest House Kuranomachi

Type: Guesthouse

Location: 4 min drive from JR Tochigi station. (located by the river in city center)

Morino Garden

Type: Holiday rental

Location: 12 min drive from Mashiko station

Day trips from Mito City

Each of these places are within a day trip away. Click on the image to find out more.

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