Nasu-Karasuyama City

Highlights of Nasu-Karasuyama City

Nasu-Karasuyama is a small city surrounded by beautiful Japanese countryside 2 hours north of Tokyo.

It is mostly known for its ‘UNESCO World Heritage’ festival called the Yamaage Festival (click for the festival guide if you plan to visit), and is also full of things to do and see. Visitors enjoy cycling, making/buying  Japanese Washi paper (wikipedia), visiting the Ryumon waterfall and the Shimazaki sake brewery (the CAVE brewery) that ages its IWC Trophy award-winning sake in a hand-dug cave.

The easiest way to visit Nasu-Karasuyama is by train. From JR Utsunomiya Station (50 min from Tokyo on the Tohoku & Yamagata Shinkansen ) take the JR Karasuyama Line and get off at Karasuyama Station (the last stop) or Taki Station (the station before that for the waterfall and cave).

If you are in Japan in late July and like lively festivals, you shouldn’t miss the Yamaage festival, but if you prefer to experience the peaceful Japanese countryside, then visiting in the spring and autumn seasons are also enjoyable.


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Yamaage Festival & Nasu-Karasuyama

A Day at Yamaage Festival

A Day in Nasu-Karasuyama

Ryumon Falls

Things to DO in Nasu-Karasuyama City

person taking photo of Ryumon falls in Nasukarasuyama

Ryumon Falls

Ryumon Falls (竜門の滝) is a waterfall 20 meters high and 65 meters wide. There is a walkway that leads visitors down to the basin. Beside the waterfall, there is Ryumon Furusato Folk Museum and a nice cafe. Inside the museum visitors can see a talking dragon.
Outside of the Yamaage Kaikan in Nasukarasuyama city

Yamaage Kaikan

Yamaage Kaikan (山あげ会館) is a museum is dedicated to the 'Yamaage Festival' which is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The museum exhibits the festival floats and entertains guests with a 8 min recreation of the festival. There is also a shop which sells souvenirs.

Karasuyama Washi Kaikan

Washi Kaikan (和紙会館) is a building which has a nice Washi paper shop where people come to buy local handmade Washi paper and Washi products at a very affordable price. The paper is much higher quality and cheeper that buying it in Tokyo.
Rent-a-bicycle in countryside of Nasukarasuyama city Japan

Rent a bicycle and cycle the countryside

Why not explore the Japanese countryside by bicycle? Bicycles are available to hire at the Yamaage Kaikan near JR Karasuyama Station.
People making Nasukarasuyama Washi paper

Karasuyama Washi No Sato

Washi no Sato (和紙の里) is a 'Washi Paper Studio' located in the mountains. They use traditional methods to make Washi paper. If you are lucky, you can watch Washi being made or try contacting them to book an experience.

Shimazaki Sake Brewery

Tour of inside the cave at Shimazaki Sake Brewery
Known as the ‘Cave Brewery’, we are a family-run sake brewery that produces award-winning aged sake. Come and visit the cave on our open-days or book a special tasting tour by our brewery owner.

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A chat with Nasu-Karasuyama city tourism

Click to learn more about Nasu-Karasuyama from a chat we had with locals (the city's tourism office).

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EATING in Nasu-Karasuyama City

Japanese Food

Nasu-Karasuyama has a few specialities. One is Nasukarasoba (なすからそば) local soba noodles. Another is Kamameshi (かまめし). And last but not least is Ayu Fish (鮎). Most Japanese restaurants can be found in the city center near the station.

Western Food

Nasu-Karasuyama has a variety of western style restaurants from Family restaurants (budget restaurants) to very popular steakhouse called ‘Clover’.

Ayu fish cuisine

Ayu fish being cooked on a stick

Ayu fish (鮎) is a freshwater fish enjoyed as a delicacy, particularly during the summer months when they are in season. Nasu-Karasuyama is one of the top locations in Japan for ‘Ayu’. After being caught, the fish are typically grilled and served with salt.

Places to STAY in Nasu-Karasuyama City

Hotels (Western style)

There are not many Western style hotels in Nasu-Karasuyama, but one hotel that guest stay at is Karasuyamajo Country Club Hotel (map) which is located on a beautiful golf course 15 min drive from the city center.


There is a new camping site called Masaru Hills (map) in a Japanese countryside setting and Oiranomori (map) in a woodside setting if you like camping.

Ryokan (Japanese style)

There are not many Ryokans in Nasu-Karasuyama. It’s better to go to Nakagawa Town of Mashiko Town.

Top EVENTS around Nasu-Karasuyama City

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