Nasu Town

Highlights of Nasu Town

Nasu town is a popular destination in Japan.  It is about 2.5-3 hours from Tokyo and includes volcanic mountains, hot springs, numerous outdoor activities, and many small museums.

Visitors come to Nasu to enjoy the Onsen (Hot springs), Nature activities, Flower parks, Autumn leaves, Farms & ranches, Animals, Art Museums, Children activities, and winter sports such as skiing. (See more info below)

Nasu is also one of the main Milk producers in Japan and is know for cheese, pork and local vegetables, so visitors are sure to satisfy their taste buds.

There is also plenty of accommodations from traditional Japanese ryokan to western style hotels catering for all budgets. 


From Tokyo Killing stone area (45 min from Nasu-Shiobara Station)

From Airports

Main Station

Nasu in the WINTER

Nasu in the SPRING

Nasu in the SUMMER

Nasu in the AUTUMN

Things to DO in Nasu

Onsen (Hot springs)

There is more than 20 different hot springs in 5 different areas (Kogen, Shin-Nasu, Yumoto, Oku-Nasu, and Ashino) which are open to day time visitors.

Nature Activities

There are many nature activities in Nasu. You can walk around Sesshoseki Rocks, or go up Chausudake mountain via the Nasu Ropeway (or hike the full way). Trek through Nasu Heisei no Mori, take the Mt. Jeans Nasu Gondora up the mountain or get active and enjoy SUP activities on the water or visit Nozaru.

Autumn Leaves

Nasu changes into stunning autumn colors between the end of September to early November. Visit Nasu Heisei no Mori, or take the cable car at Mount Jeans or Chausudake to the top (or hike to the top) of the mountains to take in the beauty.

Flower parks

Nasu is home to many flower parks. Nasu Flower World, Minozawa Higanbana Park, and the Azaleas of Yahata just to name a few. Best time to visit these are May to October.

Farms and Ranches

Nasu has many dairy farms that produce milk and cheese. Nasu Kogen Rindohko Family Bokujo, and  Minamigaoka Ranch are farms that are especially popular with families.


There are two popular zoos and a safari park in Nasu. Nasu Animal Kingdom is know for their work in protecting endangered species as well as being home to Sand Cats and Arctic wolfs. Their bird shows are also popular. Nasu Alpaca Farm houses 400 Alpacas where visitors can take them for walks. At Nasu safari park you can feed Lions, Tigers, Zebras and Giraffes from a bus.

Art Museums

There are a few small art collection museums in Nasu. Fujishiro Seiji Museum is a museum featuring shadow painting (Kagee) artist Fujishiro Seiji. Others museums include Nasu Orgole (Music box) Museum, Nasu Classic Car Museum, Nasu Ashino Stone Museum, and Nasu Trick Art Museum.

Children Activities

Families enjoy visiting Nasu as there are many things for children to do. As well as  nature activities and farms to visit, there is also the Nasu Highland Park (amusement park), Nasu Buggy Park, and Kitsunenobori attraction.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Nasu is home to two ski resorts. The Mt Jean ski resort has five courses from beginner to advanced as well as snow snow bike and snowshoe activities. Nasu Onse Family Ski Resort is a small ski resort focused on small children and families so ideal if this is your first time to a ski slope.


Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu Animal Kingdom Manuru Cat

Visit Nasu Animal Kingdom to meet diverse animals, enjoy thrilling shows, and see learn about conservation.

Popular areas such as, “Asia Forest” “Wet Land”, “Tropical Forest”, “Animal Stadium”, “Aqua Stage” Stage” and “Sky Stadium” are great for both children and adults.

Ride Experience
(Bike tours)

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Experience the thrill of our incredible cycling tours, tailor-made for everyone, from novices to seasoned cyclists. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature as you pedal your way through awe-inspiring landscapes.

Places to EAT

Japanese Food

There are many Japanese restaurants in Nasu town which should be easy to find.

Western Food

There are many Western-style restaurants in Nasu town which should be easy to find.

Places to STAY in Nasu Town

Onsen Ryokan (Japanese style)

It is said that the onsen (hot spring) in Nasu was discovered 1,400 years ago and has since been recorded in many ancient documents.

There are many traditional Japanese style onsen ryokans in Nasu from budget to luxury.

Hotels (Western style)

There are also many western style hotels which include family style, stylish and high end.

Want prices?

Find the full list of hotels in Tochigi city  available at here.

Holiday Homes / Cabins

There are many privately owned holiday homes and cabins where guest can rent using sites such as airbnb.


Entrance of Sansuikaku Ryokan

Indulge in luxury and Japanese tradition at a high-end Japanese inn near the Nasu Imperial Villa. Immerse in their healing hot spring with 1,400 years of history. Read more to create cherished memories and experience a heartwarming stay!

Nasu Village
(Holiday Homes)

Holiday Homes, Cabins, Cottages in Nasu (Nasu Village)

If you want to rent a holiday home, check out Nasu Village in the Nasu forest. There are 20 buildings, including small cottages for a few people to larger houses for groups, all with free Wi-Fi. Enjoy various facilities, from sports and barbecues as well as hot pot in the winter.

Day trips from Nasu Town

Each of these places are within a day trip away. Click on the image to find out more.

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