Tomioka City

Highlights of Tomioka City

Tomioka City is an enchanting city nestled in Gunma, Japan, 2 hours from Tokyo.

With a rich cultural heritage, Tomioka is home to the iconic Tomioka Silk Mill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflecting the city’s historical significance in silk production which contributed to Japan’s modernization.

Visitors with children may also be excited to know that  Tomioka has a Safari Park and a Natural History Museum where children can meet many life size dinosaurs.

Tomioka is also home to Mt. Myogi a unique looking rocky mountain offering challenging hiking courses and sakura viewing in early April. 

The easiest way to visit Tomioka City from Tokyo is by train or by car. By train take the Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo to JR Takasaki station and change to Joshin Dentetsu Line and get off at Joshu-Tomioka Station (approx 2 hours). By car it is about 1.5 hours drive.


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Tomioka Silk Mill

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Mt. Myogi (French)

Tomioka Silk Mill (French)

Things to DO in Tomioka City

Tomioka Silk Mill
UNESCO World Heritage

Tomioka Silk Mill (富岡製糸場) is a UNESCO World Heritage site completed in 1872. It was Japan's first modern silk reeling factory and played a pivotal role in the country's silk industry during the Meiji era. Visit to learn how the mill's advanced machinery and production techniques revolutionized silk manufacturing and contributed to Japan's rapid industrialization.

World Heritage Site Visitor Center SEKAITO

Sekaito (セカイト) is a museum built to introduce Gunma's silk industry and the World Heritage sites (Tomioka Silk Mill and related sites) nearby. It has many interactive displays where visitors can enjoy learning the history and culture related to silk from a global perspective in an easy-to-understand manner.

Mt. Myogi

Mt. Myogi is a prominent mountain between Annaka, Shimonita, and Tomioka. It is known for its unique rockface and is considered one of Japan's top three destinations for rugged beauty. The mountain offers various hiking trails, and visitors can enjoy breathtaking views during the foliage season. The highest peak reaches 1,103 meters (3,619 feet).

Gunma Museum of Natural History

Learn about the origin of the earth, the history of nature, the evolution of life, and the nature and environment of Gunma Prefecture.

There is a moving life-size model of a Tyrannosaurus popular with children.


Another popular destination for families with children is the Gunma Safari Park.

The safari park offers many zones where visitors can see animals from around the world as well as take part in many fun seasonal activities.

Lake Nyuko

Lake Nyuko (丹生湖) is a lake formed by the Nyu Dam. It's a beautiful sight to see the lake's surface reflect Mt. Myogi and the cherry blossoms by the lake. There is also a sunflower field with approximately 110,000 flowers which bloom from late July to early August.

EATING in Tomioka City

Japanese Food

There are many family run local Japanese restaurants in Tomioka offering Japanese curry and soba dishes.

Western Food

Tomiokais a large city and has a variety of western style restaurants from chains to local family run restaurants and cafes. There is also a popular Matcha ice-cream parlor called Chafe Chakichi offering many different tea flavored Match ice creams.


Okirikomi (Okkirikomi) a noodle dish in Tomioka

Okkirikomi (おっきりこみ) is a traditional pot dish with flat udon noodles, vegetables, and broth seasoned with miso or soy sauce. The name “Okkirikomi” comes from the method of cutting in the noodles win a specific way.

Places to STAY in Tomioka City

Hotels (Western style)

There are a few 3 star western style hotels in Tomioka including a one on a golf course with excellent views of Mt. Myogi.

Japanese style

There are a few Japanese style accommodations including a farm stay offering cooking & farming experiences and a nice traditional inn.

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