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This website was created to help visitors from overseas experience and enjoy the evening and night activities in Utsunomiya. In this guide you will find recommendations of Gyoza restaurants, Cocktail bars, Izakaya style sake bars, Jazz clubs as well as Ramen shops and other interesting restaurants to visit in Utsunomiya. All of the locations are recommended by locals so we hope you will enjoy the contents curated by our team. For further information you can find a map at the bottom of each page, but you can also click on the instagram posts to see more.

There are also pages with train times from Utsunomiya to Tokyo to help visitors, so if you are traveling back from Nikko this website should come in handy. We have also added a page with local etiquette and ideas of what to do in Utsunomiya in 3 hours (ideal for travelers changing trains at JR Utsunomiya Station)

All information information was accurate when this website went live, but if you notice anything please let us know.
For activities in Utsunomiya during the day see visit Utsunomiya convention & visitors bureau

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