Bar Hopping Tour | Gyoza, Cocktail, and Jazz Course

Utsunomiya is not just about gyoza: it is also the city of cocktails and jazz music!

Tour Itinerary

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Start from the great torii gate of Futaarayama Shrine


Arrival at Utsunomiya Gyoza Kirasse   (Read more)
Each store makes its own distinct kind of gyoza.
Choose the ones you would like to eat by looking at the Utsunomiya Gyoza Taste Comparison Chart.
※ Two gyoza tickets (worth 1,000 yen) will be distributed by the guide on the day of the tour.


Departure from Utsunomiya Gyoza Kirasse


Arrival at THE FLAIR BAR   (Read more)

Order your favorite cocktail from the menu.
You can also request for a custom-made cocktail matching your mood of the day! 

※The Flair Bar Show is at 21:00, 22:00, and 23:00 upon request.


Departure from THE FLAIR BAR

Ask the staff to call a taxi.


Arrival at INDULZ DREAM   (Read more)

Order your favorite cocktail or drink, and enjoy the jazz performance of the night.  


End of the tour 

Feel free to enjoy the rest of the night!

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Kirasse (Gyoza)

Utsunomiya is famous all over Japan for its gyoza. Here at Kirasse, you can enjoy the gyoza of several famous restaurants, so why not compare them? Gyoza sauce is usually made by mixing soy sauce, chili oil, and vinegar, but some local gyoza chefs use chili oil with vinegar or chili pepper with vinegar. Of course, you can take your first bite of gyoza by eating it as it is, without sauce. 

Visitor's comments

It was fun to compare the gyoza from various famous stores!

It was exciting to see so many gyoza stores!

Shop owner's comments

Initially eaten by men as an appetizer with alcohol, gyoza has established itself as a light meal that can satisfy even those who eat gyoza alone, thanks to the ingenuity of each restaurant. Utsunomiya is the largest consumer of gyoza in Japan. Please enjoy the taste loved by the citizens.

THE FLAIR BAR (Cocktails)

Just off Orion Street, this cocktail bar blends in with the cityscape with its entrance made of Oya stone. At this business-style classical bar, you can enjoy watching the owner show off his cocktail techniques behind the counter.

Visitor's comments

The special performance was exciting!

The local fruits cocktail was delicious. Very happy with this experience!

Shop owner's comments

Showtime, which takes place behind the counter, can be held from 9 p.m. or 11 p.m., depending on your request. If you would like to see the flair show, please ask the staff.


A long-established jazz bar that entertains its customers with talented music performances.
In the relaxed atmosphere of the bar, you can enjoy live jazz performances on the saxophone and piano to your heart’s content, while savoring cocktails made with seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy the other face of Utsunomiya when it transforms at night!
Visitor's comments

I had a very special time listening to the music performers playing just in front of me.

I appreciated the authentic atmosphere of the place.

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