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The travel guide to Nearby Tokyo

— Where ‘Nature & Culture’ becomes an EXPERIENCE —

Map of activities nearby Tokyo

Choose from 'incredible experiences' near Tokyo!

COVID-19 INFO for Traveling in/to Japan

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Don't miss these 'Festivals & Events' near Tokyo!

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), many events have been suspended or canceled. Please check with the event organisers before making any plans.

Yamaage Festival (Yamaage Matsuri) / 山あげ祭 – 2 hours 10min from Tokyo

Watch outdoor Kabuki at this UNESCO World Heritage festival! (Nasu-karasuyama City / 那須烏山市)
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People enjoying the Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival (Kumagaya Uchiwa Matsuri) near Tokyo

Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival / 熊谷うちわ祭 – 40min from Tokyo

Experience the excitement of the largest Gion Festival North of Tokyo! (Kumagaya City / 熊谷市)
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Traditional lantern floats at the Kuki Chouchin Festival nearby Tokyo

Kuki Chouchin Festival / 久喜提燈祭り – 50min from Tokyo

Don't miss one of the largest traditional lantern festivals in Japan! (Kuki City / 久喜市)
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Rokkakudo and Ohira Hydrangea Festival (Tochigi Oohira Ajisai Matsuri)

Mt. Ohira Hydrangea Festival (Ohira Tochigi Ajisai Festival)/ とちぎあじさいまつり – 1.5 hrs from Tokyo

Mito Hydrangea Festival brings 6000 magnificent ajisai flowers to life! Pink, blue, and purple - the rainy season couldn't get more colorful!
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Walking among the sunflower festival in Mashiko nearby Tokyo
River festival floats and fireworks at Nagatoro Funatama Festival in Chichibu, Saitama

Nagatoro Funatama Festival / 長瀞船玉まつり – 2h 15min from Tokyo

Enjoy one of the best water festivals in Japan! (Nagatoro Town / 長瀞町)
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Evening fireworks and traditional floats at the Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival

Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival / 寄居玉淀水天宮祭 – 1h 55min from Tokyo

Come and be amazed at the beautiful water floats and breathtaking fireworks at the Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival! (Yorii Town / 寄居町)
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Locals and visitors dance together at the Kiryu Yagibushi Festival Finale

Kiryu Yagibushi Festival / 桐生八木節まつり- 1h 40 min from Tokyo

Kiryu Yagibushi Festival is a vibrant traditional summer festival in Japan. This 360-year-old festival's famous dance finale cannot be missed!
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