Top 'Unique Experiences' not to miss nearby Tokyo

— Choose from these ‘amazing and unique experiences’ nearby Tokyo —

Enjoy a Traditional Kimono Experience

Enjoying Japanese history and culture in a beautiful traditional Japanese Kimono

Want to try a Kimono? Why not hire these traditional Japanese robes, known for their intricate designs and beauty, for a fully immersive cultural experience.

Revitalizing Onsen (Hot springs)

Japanese History and Culture - relax in an onsen and experience wellness near Tokyo

Relax Japan style! Onsen (hotsprings), are a great way to relax and recover from a day of excitement. Come have a soak at these top Onsens nearby Tokyo.

Insightful Sake Brewery Tours

Japanese History and Culture - sake breweries nearby Tokyo -Watanabesahei

Learn how sake, the traditional Japanese rice wine, is made. Meet the local brewers in these fascinating tours nearby Tokyo!

Pick Amazing Strawberries

Strawberry picking near Tokyo(Yoshimura Strawberry Park)

Come enjoy one of Japan’s favorite pastimes! From December to May, people from all over the world flock here to taste the best strawberries.

Unforgettable Cooking Experiences

unforgettable cooking experiences in Japan

Discover Japanese culture and tradition through cooking. Check here to find unforgettable cooking experiences such as Matcha and Soba near Tokyo!

Back in time with
Samurai & Ninjas!

There’s something special about the mystique surrounding samurai and ninjas of Japanese history. Look no further if you want a taste of history for yourself!

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