Mashiko Michino eki (Bicycle rental)

Mashiko Michinoeki

Mashiko Michinoeki (道の駅ましこ)is a roadside shopping facility that rent out bikes.

To book call
Mashiko rent a bicycle at Mashiko tourism office

Mashiko Tourist Office

Mashiko Tourist Office (益子町観光協会)is a tourist office next to Mashiko station rent out bikes.

Mashiko rent a bicycle at Ebiko Cycle

Ebiko Cycle

Ebiko Cycle (エビコーサイクル)is a bicycle shop that rent outs bikes.

To book call
0285-72-3155 or check their website
Mashiko rent a bicycle at Mashiko Countryside Tours

Mashiko Countryside Tours

Mashiko countryside tours specializes in high-end cross bike rentals and bike tours.

To book call
0285-81-3907 or check their website
Mashiko rent a bicycle at Moka railway

Mashiko Station
(Moka railway)

Mashiko Station, Moka Railway (益子駅・真岡鉄道) offers bicycle renting at the station.

Mashiko rent a bicycle at Mashikobito

Cafe Mashikobito

Cafe Mashikobito (カフェましこびと) is a cafe & restaurant near the edge of Mashiko.

To book call
0285-81-3081 or check their website

MASHIKO Cycling Routes

Central Mashiko Route

Rent a bicycle and enjoy Mashiko. 

This route takes you through the pottery area of Mashiko.
Approx 18km (90min)

A) Mashiko Station

B) Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art

C) Mashiko Sankokan Museum

D) Jizoinn, Tsuna Shrine

E) Endoji Temple Lake

F) Saimyoji Temple

G) Mashiko Station

North Mashiko Route

Rent a bicycle and enjoy Mashiko.

This route takes you to see shrines and temples north of Mashiko.
Approx 17.3km (86min)

A) Nanai Station

B) Kameoka Hachimangu Shrine & Oyake Kofungun

C) Anzenji Temple

D) Entsuji Temple

E) Cycle by Steam train

F) Nanai Station

South Mashiko Route

Rent a bicycle and enjoy Mashiko.

This route takes you through the southern countryside of Mashiko.
Approx 16.4km (82min)

A) Mashiko Michinoeki

B) Kokai River Cycling Road

C) Komyoji Temple

D) Oogouto Dam

E) Mashiko Michinoeki

4. Self-Guided Cycling and Culture Itinerary (2 days in Mashiko)

Enjoy nature, culture and pottery on bike!

How to : Bicycle rental in MASHIKO

Step 2

Book or sign up for you bike

Step 3

Make your payment

Step 4

Return your bicycle



Road laws & Safety


Stop sign for bicycles

Slow Down

Slow down sign for bicycles

One Way

One way sign for bicycles
Where Cycling is NOT allowed
Road closed sign (including bicycles)

Road closed

Road closed to vehicles sign (Including bicycles)
Road closed to vehicles
Vehicles prohibited including bicycles

Vehicles prohibited

No Bicycles sign in Japan
Road closed to bicycles
Pedestrian only (No Bicycles)
Pedestrian only
The 5 Basic Laws

1. As a general rule, ride on the road, not the sidewalk.

2. Ride on the left side of the road . (Do not ride against the car traffic)

3. Give pedestrians priority. (Slow down and move out of their way)

Cycling laws in Japan (Ride your bike on the right side of the road)

4. Follow these rules!

5. All riders are obliged to make efforts to wear helmets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mashiko pottery experiences are suitable for beginners. 

Yes, most pottery experiences in Mashiko are available for children.

Please ask a pottery studio for details.

Prices for pottery experiences (potter’s wheel experience) in Mashiko include using a potter’s wheel, clay for your work, and help from your instructor. (Each studio has a different time slot so, please check with them)

You can create as many shapes as you like, and when your time is up, your instructor will look at your items and ask you if you’d like to keep any.

If you want to keep an item, it will need to be dried, glazed, and fired in a controlled environment, which the pottery studio does for you.

Most studios charge extra for this. The extra price will depend on your item’s size (and weight). There is also a delivery/shipping fee if you want your item sent to your home when finished.

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