Highlights of OKU-NIKKO

Oku-Nikko is where nature and culture intertwine harmoniously. Come to experience the untouched wilderness, ancient forests, pristine lakes, beautiful waterfalls, and awe-inspiring mountains.

In the heart of Oku-Nikko lies Lake Chuzenjiko, Japan’s highest lake at 1,269 meters. Surrounded by a lush forest, its still waters reflect the changing seasons, creating a picture-perfect scene. Marvel at Kegon Falls that cascades dramatically from the lake, adding to the area’s scenic allure. Dominating the horizon is Mount Nantai, one of Japan’s most iconic and sacred mountains. Hikers will relish trekking its trails, rewarded with stunning panoramic views. On the shores of Lake Chuzenjiko is Tachikikanon, a hidden temple exuding serenity and charm. 

Further into Oku-Nikko, make sure to explore more waterfalls, the vast marshland of Senjogahara, and Lake Yunoko with its Onsen hot springs. Wander wooden boardwalks amidst wildflowers and crystal-clear streams, marveling at the panorama of Nikko’s mountain ranges.

Oku-Nikko is part of Nikko city and is up north from Nikko’s central area and between Ashio & Kinugawa Onsen. 


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Videos of Oku-Nikko

Hiking in Senjogahara Marsh

Beautiful Oku-Nikko in autumn

Autumn colours of Oku-Nikko

E-biking in Oku-Nikko

Yumoto in Early Summer

Lake Yunoko and Yudaki in Winter

Things to DO in Oku-Nikko

Lake Chuzenji

Lake Chuzenji (中禅寺湖) lies in the center of Oku-Nikko and offers many activities. You can enjoy walking on nature trails, hiking, cycling, cruising, SUP, fishing and much more. The shores also house some nice hotels.


Oku-Nikko is home to many beautiful waterfalls. Kegon Falls (華厳ノ滝) is counted as the top 3 water falls in Japan. There is also beautiful Ryuzu Fallsi (竜頭ノ滝) & Yudaki Falls (湯滝) which are popular spots to visit.

Mt. Nantai

Mount Nantai (男体山, Nantaisan) is a mountain with hight of 2,486 meters. A prominent landmark by Lake Chuzenji. This beautiful mountain is popular with hikers, and is open between early May and late October. (Roughly 7 hours hike to the summit)

senjogahara marshland

Senjogahara (戦場ヶ原) is a beautiful marshland with nature trails, 350 plant species and diverse birds. These trails offer stunning views of the marshland against Mt. Nantai. Adjacent to Senjogahara is Odashirogahara, also a popular hiking path.

Yumoto Onsen

Yumoto Onsen (湯元温泉) is a onsen village with a 1,200 year history located on Lake Yunoko's northern shore. It offers ryokans, hotels and day-use baths to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the Onsen. The Onsen provides a majestic view and a relaxing soak amidst nature's beauty.

Lake Yunoko

Lake Yunoko (湯の湖) is a serene mountain lake with a walking trail through a primeval forest of diverse flora and wild birds. Hot spring water bubbles out of the northern shore and peak autumn foliage occurs from late September to mid-October.

Akechidaira Ropeway
(Cable Car)

Reach amazing views in just 3 minutes! From the Akechidaira Observation Deck, enjoy breathtaking vistas of Chuzenji Lake, Kegon Falls, and Mount Nantai. Located on the way up Irohazaka road!

Top events around Oku-Nikko

Places to EAT

Japanese Food

There are many Japanese restaurants. You can find Kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner), Soba, Okonomiyaki,  Izakaya style Japanese restaurants and more.

Western Food

For lunch, why not stop by the trendy artisan coffee shops spread around Tochigi city. There is also a very popular Nepalese restaurant with tasty curry dishes as well as many European & themed restaurants.


Local trout dish (Yashio trout) at Chez Hoshino

Oku-nikko has been a famous spot for trout fishing for many years and many restaurants offer a variety of trout-inspired dishes. Make sure to try it out.

Places to STAY

Ryokan (Japanese style)

There are many traditional and modern style Ryokans in Oku-Nikko. Most are around the Lake Chuzenjiko and in Yumoto Onsen.

Hotel (Western style)

There are many western style Hotels in Oku-Nikko including the newly opened Ritz-Carlton.

Holiday rental (Airbnb)

There are many houses and rooms available to rent on major rental websites.


There are many guesthouses for budget travel.

Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel

Outside of Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel

Experience history and comfort at this Western-style hotel, nestled in lush Mizunara groves by Lake Chuzenji. A truly relaxing and fulfilling stay awaits you. Check availability here!

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