Highlights of ITAKO city

Surrounded by lakes Itako city (潮来市)  played an important role in the mid-Edo period more than 300 years ago. The city was an important waterway town with many canals running through the town and produce from Northern Japan was shipped through here to the capital Edo (now Tokyo).


It has managed to keep this culture and visitors can take boat rides through the canals and visit the 200 year old sake brewery.

Itako is most known for its beautiful Iris Festival (Suigo Itako Iris Festival) between late May to late June which attracts tens of thousands of people from around Japan.


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Things to DO

Make your own Pottery

Mashiko offers has over 300 pottery artist studios and many offer classes. Some have english speaking instructors and can ship overseas.

Visit a Sake Brewery

Mashiko has a sake brewery open to visitors. You can walk around, learn about sake making and taste the different varieties.

Visit a Pottery Museum

There are several Pottery museums in Mashiko including Mashiko Sankokan and Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art.

Pick the best strawberries in Japan

The region around Mashiko is know for its Strawberries and even export them to Singapore and Thailand. Strawberry picking is available at several farms from December to early May.

Visit a traditional Indigo Dyeing Studio

Mashiko has one of the oldest Indigo dyeing studios in Japan. 

Rent a bicycle and ride through the rice fields

Hire a bicycle from the station and enjoy a day around the countrysides. (half day tours are also available)

Tonoike Sake Brewery

Seeing Tonoike Sake Brewery from rice fields
Established more than 80 years ago, Tonoike Sake Brewery is a traditional Sake brewery popular with overseas visitors.
(Open 365 days)

Yoshimura Straberry Park

One of the most popular strawberry picking locations in Japan. Popular with overseas visitors and suitable for children.
(Dec-early May)

Mashiko Travel Guide

Discover Mashiko Website

We’ve created a special online guide about Mashiko to help overseas visitors explore Mashiko.
Click the image to discover more!

Places to EAT

Japanese Food

Mashiko offers a wide range of Japanese food, starting with Soba (local soba wheat), and Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), as well as artisan Japanese restaurants.

Western Food

Mashiko has popular curry restaurants using local vegetables as well as nice coffee shops. Mashiko also has a local dish called Burma jiru ( a soup dish inspired by Burmese cooking).


A small European style restaurant with delicious homemade food prepared with local ingredients hand-picked by our chef.

Places to STAY

Ryokan (Japanese style)

Mashiko has one Japanese Ryokan with an Onsen. (See below for information about Mashikokan Satoyama Hotel)

Want prices?

Find the full list of hotels in Mashiko available at here.


Mashiko has a newly refurbished hotel (Yuwakan) that opened in 2020. Before it was moved to Mashiko, foreign diplomats used it 100 years ago as well as being used for the crown prince to escape WW2.


Mashiko has several guesthouses which are very affordable. Many artists use them and stay in Mashiko for months to make pottery.

Want prices?

Find the full list of hotels in Mashiko available at here.

Holiday rental (Airbnb)

Several places are available in Mashiko.

Want prices?

Find the full list of airbnb’s available at aribnb here.

Mashikokan Satoyama Hotel

Type: 3 star Ryokan / Hotel

Location: 7 min drive from Mashiko Station.

Guesthouse Furuki

Type: Guesthouse

Location: 8 min drive from Mashiko station

Morino Garden

Type: Holiday rental

Location: 12 min drive from Mashiko station
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We’ve created a special online guide about Mashiko to help overseas visitors explore Mashiko. Click the image to discover more!

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Mashiko in the Media

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