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Highlights of Takasaki City

Takasaki City is 50 minutes north of Tokyo and is known to be the home to the Daruma Doll. It is also known for Mt. Haruna and Lake Haruna. 

In Takasaki city, you may also notice the 41.8-meter-high Byakue Kannon on a hilltop where Jigenin Temple is.

Takasaki city is a popular travel hub with Jyoetsu & Hokuriku Shinkansen stopping and several other local train lines passing through JR Takasaki Station. For this reason. there are many affordable 3-4-star hotels near the station.

The easiest way to get to Takasaki City from Tokyo is by train.JR Takasaki station is only 50 min (just a few stops) from Tokyo by the JR Joetsu Shinkansen or JR Hokuriku Shinkansen.


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Things to DO in Takasaki City

Lake Haruna / Mt. Haruna

Lake Haruna (榛名湖) is a caldera lake created when Mt. Haruna (榛名山) erupted years 40,000 years ago. It is a scenic Lake with boat rides and activities. There is also a cable car that can take people up Mt. Haruna.


Takasaki city is the birthplace of Daruma Dolls (だるま), and many Daruma artisans are working in Takasaki. You can visit Daruma shops to buy or make your own Daruma or visit the famous Darumadera Temple (達磨寺).

Shrines and Temples

Popular tourist spots in Takasaki are; Byakui Daikannon statue ( 42m tall statue you can climb up) , Jigenin Temple (next to the statue), Darumaji Temple (known as the birthplace of Daruma Dolls), and Haruna Shrine (on the way up Mt. Haruna).

EATING in Takasaki City

Japanese Food

Takasaki is the largest city in Gunma Prefecture, so there is an extensive variety of Japanese restaurants. Fine dining restaurants offer locally grown vegetables such as Jumonji Daikon and Jyushu Wagyu beef as well as Sukiyaki pots, but many restaurants offer local delights such as soba, yakitori, Japanese curry rice, katsu don, and buta don.

Western Food

Takasaki is a large city and has many Western-style restaurants. You can find anything from high-end cuisine using local ingredients to cafes and affordable family restaurants.

It is also essential to know that Takasaki City is famous for pasta, and many Italian restaurants compete in the King of Pasta competition, held annually.

Pasta (Takasaki Pasta)

Two plates of award wining pasta (King of pasta 2023 & 2019) at Bambina restaurant in Takasaki city

Takasaki is known as the pasta city of Japan and attracts foodies from afar who come and eat pasta in Takasaki.

Every year, the city hosts the King of Pasta Competition. At this open event/festival, visitors can participate by eating different pasta dishes and judging which restaurant was the best restaurant for the year.

Places to STAY in Takasaki City

Hotels (Western style)

Takasaki is a transportation hub for people visiting this area, so there are many 2-4 star western style hotels to choose from. 

Japanese style

Most hotels in central Takasaki are Western, but some Japanese-style ryokans with onsen baths can be found outside the city.


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