Tamamura Town

Highlights of Tamamura Town

Tamamura Town is a small town in Gunma prefecture, which sits on the border with Saitama prefecture. 

During the Sengoku era (16th century) Tamamura town was situated between several strong forces and was torn apart by the wars between them. Sadly the area was greatly devastated by the time of the start of the Edo period (1603 AD).

However, in the Edo period (1603 – 1868), Tamamura town served as an inn-town on the Reiheishi Kaido Road (Connecting Kyoto and Nikko) and thrived.

The easiest way to get to Tamamura Town from Tokyo is by train to JR Shinmachi station or by car via the Kanetsu Expressway.


From Tokyo to JR Shinmachi Station. 

From Airports

Main Stations

Things to DO in Tamamura Town

Tamamura Hachimangu

Tamamura Hachimangu Shrine (玉村八幡宮) is a historical shrine from the Muromachi era (1336-1573) with the grounds filled with buildings that show a deep sense of history. Every month on the 10th locals bring their unwanted dolls and children toys which fills the stairs of the shrine.

Walk along Reiheishi Kaido

Tamamura is on the Reiheish Kaido Road (例幣使街道), currently route 142, which was used in the Edo period by the the Imperial Court in Kyoto to send emissaries called Rreiheishi” from Kyoto to Nikko on the anniversary of Tokugawa Ieyasu's death.

Tamamura Town History Museum

Tamamura Town History Museum (玉村町歴史資料館) showcases the history of Tamamura, which flourished as an inn-town during the Edo period (1603-1867).Videos are available for visitors.
Closed Mon, Tue, Wed & National Holidays.

EATING in Tamamura

Japanese Food

Beef and Pork are specialties of Tamamura with restaurants serving Tonkatsu, Sukiyaki Motsuni, and Shogayaki Teishoku.

Western Food

There are a couple of nice cafes as well as locally run Italian &  Spanish restaurants.

Dango from Hachiman Chaya

Dango at Tamamura Chaya

The dango (Sweet and sticky  Japanese wagashi dumpling) at this store is so popular that even on weekdays, long lines form before it opens and are sold out as soon as they go on sale. If you pass by the store and they still have Dango, you are in luck!!

Places to STAY in Tamamura

Hotels (Western style)

There are not many Western-style hotels in Tamamura Town, and many visitors stay in Takasaki City, which has many of them.


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