'Autumn view' along Watarase Valley Railway
(Watarase Keikoku Tetsudo)


Enjoy the scenery of the colorful gorge from a open window train!

The organizers have confirmed that this event is GOING ahead.
We're sure this is happening, but 2023 dates and times are not confirmed.


2023 :  Mid to end of  November


Going in Spring?  See here to enjoy Sakura Blossoms on Watarase Valley Railway (Early-mid April).

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


Eleven normal trains run daily as well as the special ‘Trolley (Torokko,トロッコ)’ trains below run a few times during the high seasons.

Trolley (Torokko トロッコ) Trains

Trains towards Ashio *Time leaving Kiryu station (The starting station): 

Mon 10:31, Tues 9:30 & 13:35, Wed 10:31, Thurs 9:30 & 13:35, Fri-Sun & National holidays 9:30 & 10:31 & 13:35

*The above times are based on 2022 timetable so please check railway’s official site 

Trains towards Kiryu *Time leaving Ashio station (The starting station): 

Mon 13:57, Tues 11:37 & 15:34, Wed 13:57, Thurs 11:37 & 15:34, Fri-Sun & National holidays 11:37 &  13:57 & 15:34

*The above times are based on 2022 timetable so please check railway’s official site 

*All dates & times are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.



We recommend booking a ticket for the Troroko (トロッコ) trains in advance from Lawson (convenient store) or from Omama station (大間々駅) station in advance as it may be sold out on the day.

*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.


A oneway fair from end to end (Kiryu-Mato) is 1,130 yen. But you can also buy a one-day-pass for 1,880 yen which would be cheeper depending on how far you are going. For the Torokko Trolly train (open view carriage) you need an add on ticket for 520 yen one way.

*Prices were accurate at Oct 2022 

How to enjoy the autumn leaves on Watarase Valley Railway

Picturesque scenery

Beautiful view

Fun train ride

Colorful nature

Fun for kids and family

Fun for couples

Traveling solo

Enjoy for 1 whole day!

🚞🍁 A fun and relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful Japanese mountains 🍂🍃

🚞 Watarase Valley Railway is a cool railway that runs through the ⛰ mountains between Tochigi and Gunma prefectures and is a great way to sit back and enjoy the 🍁autumn foliage in the fall.

🍁 🍂 ⛰ Sakura is especially nice near Tsudo, Godo, Mizunuma and Kami-Kambai stations.

The open carriage (Torokko Trolly train) is especially cool, but regular trains also have a really good view. 👀  The open carriage trains are very popular, so if you can only get a regular train, make sure to check out the window beside the driver where passengers can take cool pictures from the front of the train. 📸

The start of the Watarase Valley Railway dates back to 1914 when it was opened to transport ore mined from the Ashio Copper Mine 🪨 which once produced 40% of coper in Japan (The mine closed in 1973).

Since 2009, the railway has focused on tourism and is a popular attraction to enjoy the 🌸 sakura cherry trees and 🍁autumn leaves . You can also use the railway to visit many attractions.

If you have time you can visit, a historical soy source factory at Oomama sta (大間々駅), explore Mt. Akagi from Mizunuma sta (水沼駅), Ashio Copper mine from Tsuudo sta (通洞駅), visit Furukawa Kakemizu Club from Ashio sta (足尾駅),  hiking from Konaka sta (小中駅) , Tsuudo (通洞駅) and Mato (間藤駅), and take a bus to visit Nikko shrines bus from Ashio (足尾駅) or Mato (間藤駅) stations.

What to do from stations on Watarase Valley Railway

Akagi Area Guide

Discover Mt. Akagi

Short trip from Tokyo

How to get to Aioi station (Change from Tobu line from Tokyo)

From Tokyo


Aioi Station (相老駅)
2-756 Aioi cho, Kiryu City, Gunma Pref. Japan 321-4218


By Train

From Tokyo (TOBU Line)

From Asakusa in Tokyo, take the Ryomo Limited express towards Akagi station and get off at Aioi station. Approx. 1hour 50min,

Use the Japan Transit Planner to find trains.

By Car

From Ota-Kiryu Interchange (Kitakanto Expressway)

25 min drive from Ota-Kiryu IC (太田桐生) on the Kitakanto Expressway (Kitakanto Jidoshado).

How to get to Ashio station

From Tokyo


Ashio Station  (足尾駅)
 6 Kakemizu, Ashiomachi, Nikko city, Tochigi Prefecture


By Train

From Tokyo via Watarase Valley Railway (TOBU Line)

From Tokyo, take the Tobu line to Aioi sta (100-110min). change to Watarase Valley Railway and travel up in to the mountains until you get to Ashio sta. (90min). 

From Tokyo via Watarase Valley Railway (JR Line)

From Tokyo take the Shinkansen to Takasaki station (90min) and change to the JR Ryomo line to Kiryu sta (50 min). From Kiryu station take the Watarase Valley Railway to Ashio station (90min).

From Tokyo via NIKKO (TOBU Line)

From Asakusa (Tokyo) take the Tobu Line (express) to Tobu-Nikko sta (2h). From in front of the station, change to bus to Ashio station(1h). Approx. 3.5 hours

From Tokyo via Nikko (JR Line)

From Tokyo take the Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) to JR Utsunomiya station (50min) and change for the JR Nikko line to Nikko station (50min). Walk to Nikko station (3min) and take the bus to Ashio sta (1h).

Use the Japan Transit Planner to find trains.

By Car

From Kiotaki Interchange (via Nikko)

30 min drive from Kiotaki IC on the Nikko-Utsunomiya Douro (Expressway).

*Driving route through Nikko

From Isesaki Interchange (via Gunma)

90 min drive from IsesakiIC on the Kita-Kanto Expressway (Kita-Kanto Jidoshado).

*Driving route through Watarase Valley

Contact Details (Event Organizer)

Any questions about this?

For information about this event please contact the Watarase Keikoku Testudo (Watarase Valley Railway) directly.

Tel: +81 0277-73-2110


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