The best exciting outdoor activities near Tokyo

— Choose from these fun, exciting outdoor activities near Tokyo —

Experience Rafting and Canyoning

Visitors enjoying rafting and canyoning activities near tokyo
Japan has amazing rivers and valleys. Get active outdoors and join water activities such as rafting and canyoning nearby Tokyo!

Extreme Sports for Adrenaline Junkies

Experience extreme outdoor activities near Tokyo such as mountain running, bungee jumping, and even sky diving to really get your heart pumping!

Enjoy Skiing & Snowboarding

Enjoy Skiing in the mountains - sports and wellness activities near Tokyo
Japan is a leading ski destination. Plenty of Skiing and Snowboarding for beginners to the advanced, and the whole family .

Explore Mountains nearby Tokyo

Hiking in the mountains - wellness activities near Tokyo
Get off the beaten track to feel beautifu nature. Whether you’re new to hiking or a veteran, escape the Tokyo and get active outdoors!

Rent a Bicycle and Explore the Country

Cycling in the countryside - Health and wellness near Tokyo
Enjoy cycling? — the beautiful biking courses nearby Tokyo are sure to keep you fit and happy! Why are you waiting? Get active!

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