The most delicious food north of Tokyo every traveler mustn't miss!

— Choose from these delicious food & drinks near Tokyo —

Delicious Authentic Ramen

a bowl of Sano ramen in Japan

There’s nothing like an amazing bowl of ramen (wikipedia). So many varieties! Here’re some delicious ramens you cannot miss!

Flavorful Gyoza Dumplings

Gyoza (wikipedia), Chinese-style dumplings are huge in Japan. Don’t be afraid to try out these delicious local restaurants nearby Tokyo!

Insightful Sake Brewery Tours

Japanese History and Culture - sake breweries nearby Tokyo -Watanabesahei

Learn how sake (wikipedia), the traditional Japanese rice wine, is made in these fascinating sake breweries nearby Tokyo!

Enjoy Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking near Tokyo(Yoshimura Strawberry Park)

Come enjoy one of Japan’s favorite pastimes! From December to May, people from all over the world flock here to taste the best strawberries.

Unforgettable Cooking Experiences

unforgettable cooking experiences in Japan

Discover Japanese culture and tradition through cooking. Check here to find unforgettable cooking experiences such as Matcha and Soba near Tokyo!

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Make your trip to Japan mouthwatering!

Come try the amazing delicious food near Tokyo. We’ll help you find hidden gems from back ally Gyoza bars to strawberry farms which surely offer the world’s most delicious types of strawberries exclusive to this only this area in Japan !

Your friends and family back home are bound to want to hear all about your experience.

While satisfying your taste buds, why not also challenge yourself to one of the many Nature experiences our region offers, visit a unique event or Japanese festival or learn about the Japanese History and Culture ?

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