Top 'Nature Experiences' nearby Tokyo

— Choose from these amazing experiences to see for yourself the ‘Beauty of Nature’ nearby Tokyo —

Hike Through the Beautiful Mountains

Hiking in the mountains - wellness activities near Tokyo

Get off the beaten track and feel nature. Whether you’re new to hiking or a seasoned veteran!

Beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful sakura seasons - The best places to enjoy sakura near Tokyo

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Sakura cherry blossoms, a must if you plan on visiting during the spring!

Enjoy Incredible Autumn Colors

Beautiful autumn colors and leaves in Nikko (Irohazaka, Japan)

Visiting Japan in the autumn? One of the best times of year. Don’t miss the exceptional foliage around Tokyo!

Revitalizing Onsen (Hotsprings)

Japanese History and Culture - relax in an onsen and experience wellness near Tokyo

Relaxing by taking a long soak in a hot spring surrounded by nature nearby Tokyo. Make sure to take this opportunity to treat yourself well!

Visit Local Nature Museums

A young deer in a nature museum nearby Tokyo.

Japan is rich in nature. Interested in learning more about the nature (and dinosours from) around Tokyo? Here are several museums to choose from!

Rent a Bicycle and Explore!

Cycling in the countryside - Health and wellness near Tokyo

If driving isn’t really your thing, not to worry — the beautiful biking courses nearby Tokyo are sure to keep you fit and happy!

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