Top 'Japanese history and culture' experiences north of Tokyo

— Choose from these ‘Japanese History and Culture’ experiences nearby Tokyo —

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Experiences

Japanese History and Culture - Kanuma Autumn Festival (UNSCO World Heritage)

Discover two World Heritage sites and experience a total of seven UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages, all located nearby Tokyo.

Discover the origins of Modern Industrial Japan

Japanese History and Culture -Ashio Mines - Modern Japanese History nearby Tokyo

Learn how Japan modernized since the late 19th century, from mining to modern-day railways & aerospace technology.

Learn the craft of traditional Sake Brewing

Japanese History and Culture - sake breweries nearby Tokyo -Watanabesahei

Come and learn about how how traditional Japanese rice wine, or sake, is made — and quench your thirst while you’re at it.

Experience Traditional Onsen Culture

Japanese History and Culture - relax in an onsen and experience wellness near Tokyo

Relax Japan style! Onsen (hotsprings), are a great way to relax and recover from a day of excitement. Come have a soak at these top Onsens nearby Tokyo.

Enjoy Japan in a beautiful traditional Japanese Kimono

Enjoying Japanese history and culture in a beautiful traditional Japanese Kimono

Want to try a Kimono? Why not hire these traditional Japanese robes, known for their intricate designs and beauty, for a fully immersive cultural experience.

Have an unforgettable Cooking Experience

unforgettable cooking experiences in Japan

Discover Japanese culture and tradition through cooking. Check here to find unforgettable cooking experiences such as Matcha and Soba near Tokyo!

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