Traveling to Japan

Covid-19 restrictions for visitors planing to travel to Japan

All you need to know about traveling to, or around Japan

Due to Covid restrictions losing up in Japan, we will be closing this page shortly.

1. Check before you travel to Japan

For International travelers​

The COVID-19 global travel risk level

This is the best travel risk level chart we discovered. It’s an interactive map made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is updated frequently. You can compare Japan with other countries.

CDC’s travel recommendation Map (click here)

The COVID-19 risk level in Japan

To check the current risk level of COVID-19 infection in Japan as well as how many people have been vaccinated, see below.

REUTERS COVID-19 Tracker / JAPAN (click here)

What do I need to do before I depart for Japan?

See protocols below.

Traveling to JAPAN – JNTO (click here)

At the time of writing (Oct 2021), visitors to Japan are required to submit a valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result. For more information see below.

Precautions when entering Japan: Negative COVID-19 test etc (click here)

COVID-19 entry restrictions for Japan

Click here to check the latest information before you travel to Japan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan – Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19 (click here)

*This website has a list of countries with ‘Denial of permission to entry’ as well as a list of ‘Denial of re-entry from certain countries/region’ and other useful information such as ‘Entry of foreign nationals with special exceptional circumstances’.

Do I need to quarantine?

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2. Things to know about traveling in Japan

Once you are in Japan
Once you are in Japan and you have completed the quarantine restrictions, life becomes much easier from now on. Here are some tips about what to do after quarantine as well as safety awareness advice when traveling in Japan.

Can I travel freely around Japan?

Before you travel, always double-check the Japanese Government’s website for current entry restrictions and requirements below.

Restrictions within Japan – Japanese Government (click here)

COVID-19 numbers in each prefecture

To check the current risk level of COVID-19 infections in each prefecture and look to see if there are any hot spots below.

Tracking Coronavirus in Japan: Latest Map and Case Count – New York Times (click here)

Do I need to wear a mask while in Japan?

You will be expected to wear a mask when indoors or on public transport, as well as in outdoor spaces where you encounter other people, such as urban areas. You do not need to wear a mask in outdoor places where social distancing can be constantly maintained. 

Guidelines – Japanese government (click here) 

Vaccination certificates (for residents in Japan)

The Japanese government plans to issue online vaccine certificates in December. See below for more details.

Nikkei Asia article about the vaccine certificate (click here)

PCR Testing

TeCOT (COVID-19 Testing Center for Overseas Travelers) provides online services for overseas travelers to find and request reservations at desired medical institutions which can conduct adequate medical tests such as a PCR testing.

TeCOT: COVID-19 Testing Center for Overseas Travelers – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (click here)

What to do if you feel ill in Japan ?

Use this page to search Medical centers by Supported language, Location, and Medical Department.

How to use Medical Institutions (click here)

Search for Medical Institutions (click here)

Travel insurance for visitors already in Japan

The below company offers travel insurance for visitors already in Japan

Tokio Marine Group (site can only be accessed from within Japan, Hongkong, China)

Returning to your country

Be sure to check for changing quarantine measures and travel restrictions prior to your trip.

Traveling from Japan to Other Countries – ANA (click here)

If you have been vaccinated in Japan, you can apply for a vaccination certificate. See below.

COVID-19 vaccination certificate for overseas travel -MHLW (click here)

*Please also consult with the embassy/consulate of the country you wish to visit.

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Covid-19 restrictions for visitors planing to travel to Japan

Discover more about Kiryu city

Discover more about Kiryu city

3. Travel Insurance & bilingual COVID-19 call centers in Japan

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can give you peace of mind in the event that you have a sudden injury or illness during your trip.

Benefits of Overseas Travel Insurance – Japan Tourism Agency (click here)

Japan Airline customers

JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance

Already in Japan? Check travel insurance for visitors already in Japan.

Tokio Marine Group  (site can only be accessed from within Japan, Hongkong, China)

COVID-19 call centers

Covid-19 restrictions for visitors planing to travel to Japan

Discover more about Kiryu city

4. Other resources

Japanese Gov (Official)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare page

Call center and things to know about COVID-19 (click here)

Japan National Tourism Organization’s page

Japan Visitor Hotline (click here)

Tokyo health center (Official)

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