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Highlights of Daigo Town

Daigo town is surrounded by mountains, rivers and hiking trails in the north of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.  As it is full of nature there are many valleys, mountains, and waterfalls (including the famous Fukuroda Falls!) to see as well as onsen (hotsprings) and camping sites.

It is about 3 hours from Tokyo by train of bus (2.5 hours driving).

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Videos of Daigo Town

Fukuroda Falls (1)

Visiting Daigo town in Late October

Fukuroda Falls (2)

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Things to DO in Daigo Town

Visit Waterfalls

Daigo has many water falls including Fukuroda Falls (袋田の滝/Fukuroda no taki),  Tsukimachi Falls (月待の滝/Tuskimachi no taki), and Namase Falls (生瀬滝/Namasedaki)

Onsen (hotspring)

Daigo is a well known hot spring destination in Ibaraki prefecture, and has many Japanese inns (Ryokans) and Hotels where you can relax even for a day trip. There is also an ONSEN POOL facility called 'Forespa Daigo' where you can enjoy the onsen water in your swimsuit!


There are five different camping sites that offer Camping as well as glamping and simple style bungalows. The GreenVila (photo) campsite has been voted best camping site in the Kanto region.


There are several hiking courses starting from 90min to 7.5 hours (Japanese hiking site for Daigo).
See hiking courses here (Japanese)

Autumn Leaves

As Daigo town is surrounded by nature, there are many waterfalls, rivers, and shrines where you can enjoy the autumn leaves. Best season is early -mid November.

Japanese Tea

Daigo is known for growing and making tea. Okukuji Chano sato Park (奥久慈茶の里公園) is a facility that has tea picking experience in late spring as well as Temomi-cha which is a style of preparing tea leaves by rubbing your hands together available all-year-round.

Places to EAT

Japanese Food

There are many Japanese restaurants in Daigo and especially soba noodle restaurants are popular in Daigo.

Western Food

It is not a large town so western-style restaurants are a bit limited, but there is a popular Pizza restaurant near Fukuroda Falls and a popular cafe near Hitachi-Daigo station. 

Fruit Picking

Daigo is famous for its apples and from September to November many Orchards are opening their doors for people to come apple picking! Furthermore, each of the them sell other products including apple pies.


A small European style restaurant with delicious homemade food prepared with local ingredients hand-picked by our chef.

Places to STAY in Daigo Town

Onsen Ryokan (Japanese style)

There are a few small size Japanese Ryokans in Daigo. 

Hotels (Western style)

There are also a few western style hotels in Daigo.

Want prices?

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Camping & Glamping

Camping and Glamping are popular activities in Daigo with 5 camping sites to choose from.

Holiday rental (Airbnb)

There are several Airbnbs.

Want prices?

Find the full list of airbnb’s available at aribnb here.

Hotel Sunroute Tochigi

Type: Western Style Business Hotel

Location: 4 min drive from JR Tochig Station. (located in city center)

Guest House Kuranomachi

Type: Guesthouse

Location: 4 min drive from JR Tochigi station. (located by the river in city center)

Morino Garden

Type: Holiday rental

Location: 12 min drive from Mashiko station

Day trips from Daigo Town

Each of these places are within a day trip away. Click on the image to find out more.

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