Beautiful seasons near Tokyo - Spring Sakura / Autumn mountains

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Beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful sakura seasons - The best places to enjoy sakura near Tokyo

Visiting Japan in the spring? Immerse yourself in the beauty of Sakura cherry blossoms, away from the crowds of Tokyo!

Enjoy Incredible Autumn Colors

Beautiful autumn colors and leaves in Nikko (Irohazaka, Japan)
Visiting Japan in the autumn? One of the best times of year. Don’t miss the exceptional foliage around Tokyo!

Find the top 'Seasonal Beauty' locations near Tokyo on Google maps!

Make your trip to Japan epic!

Come have an amazing journey your friends and family back home would all want to hear about. Experience the beautiful seasons near Tokyo and discover hidden gems and take photos you’ll cherish forever!

Just north of Tokyo lies mountains, forests and lakes which turn into amazing colors in the autum (Late Sep to mid November) and and beautifu parks and lines of cherry trees that come to life in the Spring (Mid March to mid April).

Walk along a line of beautiful sakura trees or hike a mountain full of autumn colors. If you want to take photos for your Instagram / social media posts click on the links above to find out more. You won’t be dissapointed.

While you are enjoying the awesome country sceanary, why not also challenge yourself to one of the many amazing Nature experiences, learn about  Japanese History and Culture , relax in an Onsen (hotspring) or taste some delicious Japanese dishes while you are there?

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