Top 6 Sake Bars in Utsunomiya

Taste the tradition! Come have a delicious cup of sake (Japanese rice wine) to make your stay in Utsunomiya even more special!

Come and enjoy top sake bars in Utsunomiya | Utsunomiya Night Guide

There are plenty of bars in Utsunomiya, as well as many famous brands of sake — you definitely have plenty of options! Here at ‘Utsunomiya Night Guide’ we’ve made you a list of the top 6 sake bars to help you find the best places. Whatever your mood, we’ve got a sake bar for you!

*Each sake bar is shown in the Google map at the bottom of this page making it easy to find.

1. Shosuke

‘Izakaya Shosuke’ is said to be the OLDEST Izakaya in Utsunomiya, and is the best place to come if you want a traditional, authentic Japanese Izakaya experienc and taste delicious sake. They offer delicious, home-style cooking to go along with an assortment of various sake. Approx. 25 min walk from JR Utsunomiya Station, or a 20 min walk from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station.

2. Kokusyunosiwaza

Kokusyunosiwaza is a bar for sake lovers. You can enjoy its cozy, intimate atmosphere while choosing from a selection of hundreds of sake brands from across Japan, which of course includes local Utsunomiya favorites. Approx. an 8 min walk from JR Utsunomiya Station, or a 20 min walk from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station.

3. Sasara

Sasara is a hidden Sake bar only known to local sake enthusiasts. It’s run by the regional sake association and offers more than 100 different local sakes from 34 breweries. A book of 10 tickets is sold for 1,000 yen and a glass of any type of sake is 1 ticket (100 yen) !! Please be warned that Sasara is open only 2 hours a day (17:00-19:00) from Mon to Fri so make sure to drop in before you start your evening. Approx. 20 min walk from Utsunomiya station, or a 10 min walk from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station.

4. Kayabuki

You may have already heard about Kayabuki as it is the one-and-only Monkey Izakaya in Japan (and probably the world) and has been featured many times in overseas media. It is probably the only place in the world where you can be served a beer by a Monkey! This izakaya is visited constantly by travelers who come from far to see the monkeys, so make sure to book a table. Approx. 10 min taxi drive from JR Utsunomiya Station, or a 20 min taxi drive from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station.

5. Kanchan

Kanchan is a delicious yakitori restaurant that is extremely popular among locals of Utsunomiya — so popular, in fact, that customers often overflow into Orion Arcade where it is located! Be sure to arrive early if you want to grab seating! Approx. 20 min walk from JR Utsunomiya Station, or a 5 min walk from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station.

6. Yatai Yokocho

This recommendation is a bit of a bonus — it’s not one drinking spot, but a small ally with a dozen or so mini-bars! It’s a local favorite, and a great place to experience the fun of drinking at a yatai! Approx. 20 min walk from JR Utsunomiya Station, or a 12 min walk from Tobu-Utsunomiya Station.

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