Bar Hopping Tour | Gyoza, Craft Beer, and Yatai Course

Gyozas are a must-eat in Utsunomiya! Enjoy limited edition craft beers and communicating with the locals too!

Tour Itinerary

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Start from the great torii gate of Futaarayama Shrine


Arrival at Utsunomiya Gyoza Kirasse   (Read more)
Each store makes its own distinct kind of gyoza.
Choose the ones you would like to eat by looking at the Utsunomiya Gyoza Taste Comparison Chart.
※ Two gyoza tickets (worth 1,000 yen) will be distributed by the guide on the day of the tour.


Departure from Utsunomiya Gyoza Kirasse


Arrival at BLUE MAGIC   (Read more)

Drink and compare local craft beers that can only be enjoyed in Utsunomiya, including some unique beers made with local ingredients. Get a chance to talk about the city while sipping your beer with a view of the tanks of the brewery.


Departure from BLUE MAGIC


Arrival at Utsunomiya Yatai Yokocho   (Read more)

It is like a small village with many stores, each one having its own atmosphere and style. Enjoy Japanese-style bar crawling! The main appeal of Yatai Yokocho is that you can communicate with the other customers. People here are very open, so do not hesitate to talk with them! If you are a bit hesitant to communicate with Japanese people, we recommend starting your visit at Atashittei and Ippon Matsu.


End of the tour 

Feel free to enjoy the rest of the night!

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Kirasse (Gyoza)

Utsunomiya is famous all over Japan for its gyoza. Here at Kirasse, you can enjoy the gyoza of several famous restaurants, so why not compare them? Gyoza sauce is usually made by mixing soy sauce, chili oil, and vinegar, but some local gyoza chefs use chili oil with vinegar or chili pepper with vinegar. Of course, you can take your first bite of gyoza by eating it as it is, without sauce. 

Visitor's comments

It was fun to compare the gyoza from various famous stores!

It was exciting to see so many gyoza stores!

Shop owner's comments

Initially eaten by men as an appetizer with alcohol, gyoza has established itself as a light meal that can satisfy even those who eat gyoza alone, thanks to the ingenuity of each restaurant. Utsunomiya is the largest consumer of gyoza in Japan. Please enjoy the taste loved by the citizens.

BLUE MAGIC (Craft Beer)

Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture offers original beers with deep flavors using seasonal fruits (strawberries, pears, yuzu), spices, and herbs as secondary ingredients. During the tour, you can drink and compare four different beers. You can bring your own snacks, so how about enjoying beer with snacks unique to Utsunomiya?
Visitor's comments

The fruity beers from Utsunomiya were delicious!

The fact that we can bring our own snacks was original and fun.

Shop owner's comments

With a special care for quality control (distribution, degradation, etc.), we offer beers that can only be tasted locally. We are a local brewery with close ties to the community, completing the entire process, from brewing to serving, in Utsunomiya. We also use local seasonal products in our beers. The barley lees from brewing are used as fertilizer by local farmers and transformed into new crops.

Utsunomiya Yatai Yokocho (Yatai)

Utsunomiya Yatai Yokocho is a place where people can talk and relax while eating delicious food in the center of the city. It is also a place where people can get to know each other.

The appeal of the place is not only can you enjoy food and drinks in a unique setting, but also that customers are friendly to each other and to the store staff.
Someone will always try to talk to you, so enjoy the conversation!

Visit Atashittei and the red lantern tavern Ippon Matsu, which serves teppanyaki, chicken wings, fried chicken, and more!

The owner of Atashittei
The owner of Ippon Matsu
Bar hopping in Utsunomiya (Utsunomiya Yatai Yokocho)
Visitor's comments

It was the highlight of the tour thanks to its unique atmosphere!

It was great tasting food and drinks only available here in this special setting.

I enjoyed chatting with the locals and felt welcomed in the city.

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