Kounosu Fireworks


Amazing 'World Record' Holding Fireworks Display near Tokyo


Usually held in October
(Due to COVID-19, we are unable to confirm the next event)
*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


From 18:00 (arrive at least 1-2 hours earlier to enjoy the food and find a good spot)

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.


Free (The free viewing areas are located at the banks of Arakawa River and surrounding areas)

How to enjoy the Kounosu Fireworks?

Picturesque scenery (Great for Instagram pics!)

Fun for group of friends

Fun for the family

Romantic Evening

Taste a wide range of festival food (from early afternoon)

Enjoy 3-4 hours

🎆Guinness Record-Holding Fireworks Bedazzling the Skies!🎉

Come to the ✨Kounosu Fireworks Festival✨ in October and feel your soul shake underneath the most stunning 🎆fireworks you’ve ever seen!

This festival is especially known for its 🎉brilliant and rapid 🎆fireworks– one of the highlights is when they launch the most amount of fireworks per minute recorded in Japan!

Stay until the end, 😊you don’t want to miss out on their Guinness Record-holding 464.826kg firework (“yonshakudama”)! 

What to do nearby Kounosu Fireworks?

Visit a popular Railway Museum in the morning

Railway Museum (in Omiya)

Visit a popular Bonsai Museum in the morning

Omiya Bonsai Museum (in Omiya)

Visit a popular Flower Park in the morning

Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park

Access (How to get to Kounosu Fireworks)

From Tokyo


Public viewing is near Nukata Undojo (Nukata Sports Ground) / 糠田(ぬかた)運動場 1073-1 Nukata, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 365-0059

〒365-0059 埼玉県鴻巣市糠田1073-1

By Train

From Konosu Station (JR Takasaki Line)

Travel to Konosu Sta. and exit from the West Gate of the station, and walk 20-30 minutes to get to the main viewing areas. Follow signs and guidance from the staff.

By Car

Approximately 25 minutes drive from the Okegawa-Kano IC on the Ken-o Expressway (Ken-o Jidoshado/Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway)

(We highly recommend using public transport due to heavy traffic and limited parking space during the festival)

Contact Details (Event Organizer)

For information about this event please contact the Konosu Hanabi Festival Committee directly.

Tel: +81 048-543-1634

Email: Contact via Email (External Link)

Japanese Event Website  (External Link – Japanese)

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