Mashiko Sunflower Festival

(Mashiko Himawari Matsuri)


A ‘Sunflower Festival’ nearby Tokyo

Due to Covid-19, the festival in 2021 was a smaller scale. The festival is likely to resume to full scale in 2022.​


2022: 10th – 16th August

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


10.00 am to 4.30 pm

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.



How to enjoy the Mashiko Sunflower Festival

Fun for couples

Great girls day out

Picturesque scenery
(Great for Instagram pics!)

Fun for the family

Countryside scenery

Enjoy for 2-3 hours

⭐Find out what it’s like getting lost in two million 🌻 sunflowers!

As one of the most 🌟 magnificent Sunflower festivals near Tokyo, 🌻 The Mashiko Sunflower Festival is great if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of a city and enjoy an afternoon among nature.

It’s an amazing view to see the countless golden flowers reach as far as the green hills in the distance ❗

While you are there, make sure to check out the 🔭 observation deck to see the sunflowers from above, as well as walk down the many ‘maze-like paths’ between the fields to see the flowers close-up and take pics 📸

Mashiko offers a variety of other activities, so continue reading to find out more below.

What to do nearby Mashiko Sunflower Festival

– Local recommendations –


  • Cycling
  • Walking

Unique Experiences

  • Pottery Workshops (Pottery Experiences)


Food / Drinks

  • Sake Tasting
  • Amazing local restaurants
  • Great cafes

Find out more here

We’ve created a special online guide for Mashiko to help overseas visitors explore Mashiko. Please click on the image to have a look.

Image of Discover Mashiko (Online guide for exploring Mashiko)

How to get to the Mashiko Sunflower Festival

By Train

From JR Utsunomiya Station (JR Utsunomiya Line)

From JR Utsunomiya Station take the bus to Mashiko Station. From Mashiko Station hire a bicycle (20min) or take a bus/taxi (10min).

From Mashiko Station (Moka Line)

From Mashiko Station hire a bicycle (20min) or take a bus/taxi (10min).

By Bus

Highway Bus ‘Yakimono Liner’ from JR Akihabara Sta.

From JR Akihabara Station take the Yakimono Liner Bus ‘Highway bus ‘  (approx 2.5 hours). Get off at Mashiko Station. From Mashiko Sta. hire a bicycle (20min) or take a bus/taxi (10min).

By Car

20 min drive from Moka IC on the Kitakanto Expressway (Kitakanto Jidoshado).

Free parking nearby.


Kamiyama, Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi Pref.  Japan 321-4226
〒321-4226 栃木県芳賀郡益子町上山

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