Great Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park

ふじのはな物語 – あしかがフラワーパーク (足利市)

Swim through purple, pink, white, and yellow wisteria flowers


Due to Covid-19, there may be unexpected changes, so please check before traveling. (See bottom of this page for event organizer's contact details )


2024 : 13th April (Sat) to 15th May (Wed) *Light-up 20th April (Sat) -12th May (Sun)

*Dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


13th April – 19st April 9:00 am – 6:00pm 
20th April – 12th May 8:00 am-8:30 pm (NI)
13th May – 15th May 9:00 am – 6:00pm 

There is a special night viewing between 20th April – 12th May.
During these dates, evening tickets are also available.

*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.


1 DAY tickets 900-2,100yen (Adult), 500-1,100 (Child)
Evening Ticket* 700-1,900 yen (Adult), 400-1000 yen (Child)
*Evening tickets are sold after 5:30 PM (1DAY tickets include evening viewing)

How to enjoy the Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park?

Picturesque scenery (Great for Instagram pics!)

Magical day out

Fun for couples

Great girls day out

Enjoy with a group of friends

Fun for the family

Good for Solo travelers

Wander around flowers

Enjoy for 2-3 hours

🌺Come enter a dreamy waterfall of Wisteria
at Ashikaga Flower Park 📸

Chosen as a Dream Destination by CNN Travel!

Come walk through an 80-meter tunnel under the wisteria blossoms and enjoy the soft, sweet scent! 🌺🌺

The great wisteria is one of the most talked about spring treasures in Japan, so don’t miss the opportunity to see it up close! During the season, Ashikaga Flower Park also has special evening viewing when the wisterias are all lit up against the beautiful night sky! 💐🌙✨

With over 350 wisteria trees spanning over 94,000 square meters, it’s is a great place to spend a spring day in Japan and feel the purple, pink, white, and yellow flowers shower over you!

What to do nearby Ashikaga Flower Park ?


Ashikaga Gakko / Kurita pottery museum / Orihime shrine

Unique experience

Rent a Kimono near Ashikaga Station and walk around the town

Enjoy food

Coco farm winery / ‘Potato Yakisoba’ noodles / Eat Sano Ramen in Sano

Family fun

Strawberry picking near the park / Visit the outlet mall in Sano

Explore more of Ashikaga City

We’ve created an online guide to help overseas visitors explore more of Ashikaga city. 

Click the button below (or image above) to discover more!

Access (How to get to Ashikaga Flower Park )

From Tokyo


〒329-4216 栃木県足利市迫間町607

607 Hasama Cho, Ashikaga City, Tochigi Pref  329-4216 Japan

By Train

Ashikaga Flower Park Station (JR Ryomo Line)

Take the JR Ryomo Line to Ashikaga Flower Park station.  The park is right in front of the station.

By Car

18min drive from Sano Fujioka IC on the Tohoku Expressway (Tohoku Jidoshado)
12min drive from Sano Tanuma IC on the Kitakanto Expressway (Kitakanto Jidoshado)

Contact Details (Event Organizer)

For information about this event please contact the Ashikaga Flower Park directly.

Tel: +81 0284-91-4939


Ashikaga Flower Park Website  (External Link – English)

Event Website  (External Link – Japanese)

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