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Local Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi
by Melissa B

About this Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi Prefecture

I put together this travel guide of Northern Tochigi Prefecture with attention on those that enjoy art and the outdoors.

Who is this travel guide for?

This travel guide of Northern Tochigi Prefecture is aimed towards the casual traveller of any age, preferably with access to a car.  

Total budget?

¥2,000 – ¥3,000 per person

Close up view of Oshiraji waterfalls (Oshiraji no no Taki) in Yaita (Northern Tochigi)


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The Falls of Illusion

Yaita Oshiraji waterfall
(Oshiraji no Taki)
Cool down and be mesmerized by the beautiful colors of this waterfall that change depending on the lighting. It is best to go early on a sunny day to see the array of colors the waterfall offers. On a hot summer day, it is an excellent place to cool down. It’s a little bit rocky, so be careful as you look around and take photos. It’s humble in size and doesn’t require a long trek down to see it.

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A Temple That Inspires

Otawara Ungan-ji Temple

At Ugan-Ji temple, you will immediately notice how peaceful and relaxing the area is. The eye-catching red bridge is perfect for viewing the river and take photos. Surrounded by mountains, it is undoubtedly a place to admire nature. In the summer, there is an assortment of flowers, and in the fall, you can see the leaves change color. This place also has historical importance as it was built in the Heian Era and the famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, visited it.

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Beautiful Otawara Ungan-ji Temple (Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi)
Ukiyo-e collection at Nakagawa Bato Hiroshige Museum (Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi)


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Works of Art
Inside a Work of Art

Nakagawa Bato
Hiroshige Museum

Nakagawa Bato Hiroshige Museum displays a private collection of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints by Utagawa Hiroshige. It seems small at first, but I found myself looking around for almost an hour. In addition to art, there is a display and explanation of the tools used to create a woodblock print. The building, designed by Kuma Kengo, is visually interesting and is surrounded by bamboo. There are a small shop and restaurant. You can enjoy this museum rain or shine! Admission is only 500 yen.

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Memories For A Lifetime

Nasukarasuyama Ryumon Falls
Walk up close to this waterfall and get your feet wet or admire it from afar and feel the mist. The waterfall is not as tall but quite wide, and its flow is surprisingly powerful. It is a nice place to walk around and visit the nearby shrine. Also, it is not too crowded, and there is free parking as a bonus! Best to avoid rainy days as the water level rises and the surrounding area can get muddy.

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Enjoying Nasukarasuyama Ryumon Falls (Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi)
My favorite places to eat in Northern Tochigi

American Style Pizza

Enjoying pizza at Nasushio-bara Kuroiso Mad Perros Pizza

Nasushio-bara Kuroiso Mad Perros Pizza

A visit to Mad Perros Pizza shop temporarily brought me back to the US. The walls are decorated with cute and fun graffiti-esque wall art that is hard to take your eyes off! They sell pizza by the slice, which is hard to come by in Japan. You can also order a whole pizza to eat-in or take-out. In addition to the classic cheese or pepperoni pizza, they also offer pizza with various toppings like chili beans or jalapeño, to name a few.

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A stylish place to recharge

Nasushio-bara Have a break at Kuroiso 1988 Cafe Shozo

Nasushio-bara Kuroiso 1988 Cafe Shozo

This two-story cafe doubles as a shop that sells locally made goods and a cafe with a good ambiance. I enjoyed their black tea chiffon cake and their blend of hot coffee. It was a nice place to take a break and have a chat with my friend. They sell some lovely handmade products downstairs, ranging from food and coffee to reusable bags and tumblers. I grabbed a few of their scones and jam before leaving!

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Itinerary (Ideas for a day trip)

Morning (Yaita and Otawara)

Afternoon (Nakagawa and Karasuyama)





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Enjoying a pizza

Local writer: Melissa B

Melissa moved to Japan in 2014 from Boston Massachusetts in the US. She currently works and resides in Tochigi City. Holding a background in art, Melissa is always looking for a good exhibit to see or music event to attend. On her days off, she frequently goes sightseeing to hot-springs, temples and shrines, and unique restaurants.

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