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Beautiful Otawara Ungan-ji Temple (Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi)
Ukiyo-e collection at Nakagawa Bato Hiroshige Museum (Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi)
Visiting the Hemp Museum in Nasu (Local Travel Guide of Nasu)
A view of Ryumon Falls in Nasukarasuyama - Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi
Sesshoseki, Killing stone in Nasu (Local Travel Guide of Nasu)
Close up view of Oshiraji waterfalls (Oshiraji no no Taki) in Yaita (Northern Tochigi)
Visiting Shikanoyu onsen in Nasu (Local Travel Guide of Nasu)
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About Melissa B

Melissa moved to Japan in 2014 from Boston Massachusetts in the US. She currently works and resides in Tochigi City. Holding a background in art, Melissa is always looking for a good exhibit to see or music event to attend. On her days off, she frequently goes sightseeing to hot-springs, temples and shrines, and unique restaurants.

Melissa's top 5 suggestions nearby Tokyo

What do you do on weekends?

I like to explore new places across Japan by car and check out museums, art galleries, festivals and music events.

Favorite Restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is Men ZaZa in Haga town. Their basil ramen is so good!

Which Japanese cities have you lived in?

I have lived in Takanezawa town and Tochigi city.

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