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3.THE museum

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Welcome to our museum. Here we house valuable sake-brewing tools, and photos of brewing methods from the past. Have a look to learn about our history. We hope that this museum can familiarize the public with sake-brewing processes from those early days. 

The Tonoike family began brewing sake in Utsunomiya in 1829. In 1937, the founder of this brewery, Itsugoro Tonoike, inherited the tradition and spirit of the Tonoike family of making high-quality sake here in Mashiko.

In 2019, our brewery was ranked the fourth best sake brewery in the world by the World Sakagura Ranking Executive Committee. Please enjoy a sake tasting while you’re here. Or, if you don’t drink sake, you can sample the coffee and soft-serve ice cream made with some of the by-products of our sake-making process.

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