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Daiichi sake brewery gallery

Welcome to Daiichi Shuzo.

Our brewery was founded 350 years ago, around 100 years before the American Revolution.

The Shimada family, who are still the current owners, were Samurai until the middle of the 11th century when they became farmers, growing rice at this present location.

Then in 1673, the family established a sake brewery, and began their brew operation.

At this time, Japan was in the Edo period, and ruled by the shogun Ietsuna Tokugawa in Edo, currently known as Tokyo. The sake produced at this brewery was transported by boat along the Tone Gawa River to Edo, where it was enjoyed by the city’s residents and the local samurai.

Our brewery, Daichi Shuzo, is the oldest brewery in this area and some of the buildings you will see during this tour are very historical.

This spot where you are standing is our gallery. Please look around and have a look at the photos showing the sake brewing process.

The next part of this audio tour will be in the courtyard. Please make your way there once you’ve finished your tour of the gallery.

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