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Audio guide for the courtyard Daiichi Sake Brewery

This is the courtyard, the center of our brewery.

Here is a question for you. What is essential to making good, quality sake?

The answer is the use of two, quality main ingredients; rice and water, applied with the technique of the craftsmen.

First, rice.
Rice is a key ingredient greatly affecting the sake’s quality. As we still grow rice, we are able to select the rice best suited to our sake and cultivate it ourselves. Only 2% of sake breweries in Japan are able to do this so this is something we take a lot of pride in.

Next, water.
Water also has an equally large impact on the sake’s quality. This area is home to a high-quality water source (yes, but what is “it”, specifically) known to be one of Japan’s top 100. This top-quality water is perfect for making sake and is a vital ingredient used in making ours.

Finally, technique.
Aside from top-grade rice and water, good sake requires a high level of skill and experience to make the most of its ingredients’ qualities. Our brewery has five certified top-class brewing specialists, winning awards at sake competitions inside and outside Japan every year.

Next, we will cover the rice milling room. Please make your way there now.

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