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Yamaage Festival

(Yamaage Matsuri)


Japan’s largest outdoor Kabuki performance ‘UNESCO heritage festival’

The Yamaage Festival for 2021 will be held online only. There will be a ‘live’ broadcast of the festival for all to see.

Please watch here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJrw-X4JGsbZFohiqkxtrg


2021: 23th July (Fri) to 25th July (Sun)


9.00 am to 8.00 pm


*All dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.



How to enjoy the Yamaage Festival

Experience Traditional Japan

Picturesque scenery
(Great for Instagram pics!)

UNESCO World Heritage

Traveling solo

Enjoy Japanese Street food

Enjoy for 1 whole day!

Come 👀watch dynamic 👹Kabuki on a stunning outdoor Stage

🎎This 450-year-old outdoor kabuki festival is registered as a ‘UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage’ and very special!

For 3 days every year, the main roads are transformed into outdoor stages with 🎋bamboo and washi (traditional paper) and local villagers perform Kabuki plays of ancient legends!

Make sure to join us in 👀watching these legends of daring escapes and be awed by the majesty of the backdrops, which are broken down and moved several times throughout each day

Watch this short video to find out more!

What to do nearby Yamaage Festival

– Local recommendations –


  • Cycling
  • Walking

Unique Experiences

  • Washi Paper Making Workshops


  • Sake Brewery Tour
  • Local Paper Craft Museums

Food / Drinks

  • Local soba noodle restaurants
  • Sake Tasting

How to get to the Yamaage Festival (Nasukarasuyama city)

By Train

From JR Karasuyama Station (JR Karasuyama Line)

Walk 10min from JR Karasuyama Station.

*You can take the JR Karasuyama Line from JR Utsunomiya Station where most bullet train stops from Tokyo.
*Please check the times for trains before leaving.

By Car

50 minutes drive from Utsunomiya IC on the Tohoku Expressway (Tohoku Jidoshado)
50min drive from Kaminokawa IC on the Kitakanto Expressway (Kitakanto Jidoshado)

*Please use the train if possible as the area can get crowded.

(Parking is only limited to the fist 1,000 cars)


The outdoor kabuki stage moves around the town.

Mostly around the Kajimachi District, Nasukarasuyama City or Karasuyama Station, Yamaage Kaikan (All walking distance)

Yamaage Kaikan address:
2-5-26 Kanei, Nasukarasuyama City, Tochigi Pref. Japan 321-0628
(〒321-0628 栃木県那須烏山市金井 2-5-26)

Other Events in July

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Traditional lantern floats at the Kuki Chouchin Festival nearby Tokyo
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People enjoying the Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival (Kumagaya Uchiwa Matsuri) near Tokyo
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Yamaage Festival (Yamaage Matsuri) / 山あげ祭 – 2 hours 10min from Tokyo
Watch outdoor Kabuki at this UNESCO World Heritage festival! (Nasu-karasuyama City / 那須烏山市)
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Any questions about this event?

For information about this event please contact the Official Website, Nasukarasuyama City or the Tourist Association directly.

Official WebsiteYamaage Festival Website (Japanese)

Email: Contact Form (External Link)


Yamaage Festival Association (Nasukarasuyama City)

Tel: +81 0287-83-1115

Web: Japanese Website (External Link)


Nasukarasuyama Tourist Association

TEL 0287-84-1977

Web: Japanese Tourist Association Website (External Link)

Email: Email here

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