Tochigi Utamaro Festival

とちぎ歌麿まつり (栃木市)

Step back into history to when Tochigi was a thriving trade town and the famous Ukiyo-e artist, Kitagawa Utamaro worked here.

The organizers have confirmed that this event is GOING ahead.
We're sure this is happening, but 2024 dates and times are not confirmed.


2023 : 11th -26th  November


*Dates and times updated 6th Oct (from official website)

Festival Times & Schedule

Opening day

Special Utamaro Parade : 11th November (Postponed to 12th if it rains on the 11th)

Different exhibitions and workshops are available throughout the period.

*Dates and times are based on 2018 event as 2020 event was canceled due to COVID.



How to enjoy the Tochigi Utamaro Festival ?

Take photos

Experience traditional Japan

Solo travelers

Fun for the family

Enjoy for 3-5 hours

🕛Time Travel to 👘Edo Period Japan:
Jump into the ✨World of Utamaro’s 🎨Ukiyo-e Art!

Have you ever heard of an 🎨Ukiyo-e artist named Utamaro? Ever wondered what Japan was like during the Edo period (about 200 years ago)? This is the ✨perfect event for those interested in Japanese 👘history and art!

The ✨”Utamaro Festival” recreates the world of Kitagawa Utamaro, a famous Edo period artist praised for his 👘 Ukiyo-e woodblock prints & 🎨paintings. There are small exhibitions and pop-up events during the festival for visitors to enjoy such as the 😍beautiful boat parade📸

Things to do nearby Tochigi Utamaro Festival

Shoai Samurai

Indigo dyeing at Shoai samurai in Tochigi city

Visit Shoai Samurai for a unique, eco-friendly Japanese culture experience.

Try traditional indigo dyeing (Aizome) and support the local community. Create your masterpiece while making a positive impact!

A couple in Kimono walking in font of traditional Japanese building. Abuden Miso Tochigi City

Tochigi City

Tochigi city is a popular destination for travelers to visit on their way to Nikko. Visitors can enjoy many Edo period traditonal activities.

Read More »

Access (How to get to Tochigi Utamaro Festival )

From Tokyo


The center of Tochigi city. Pop-up events near City hall on the main street and around Uzumagawa river


Yorozucho, Tochigi-city, Tochigi Pref 

By Train

Tochigi Station (JR & Tobu Lines)

Take the Tobu Line (Tobu Nikko line / Tobu Utsunomiya Line) or JR Ryomo Line to Tochigi station.  Walk for about 15 minutes from the station down the main street to the center of town.

Use the Japan Transit Planner to find trains.

By Car

Approximately 15 minutes drive from the Tochigi IC on the Tohoku Expressway.

Contact Details (Event Organizer)

For information about this event please contact the Tochigi city Tourism department directly.

Tel: +81 0282-21-2374

Contact form (Tochigi city) : link


Event Website  (External Link – English)

Event Website  (External Link – Japanese)

Festival official page (External Link – Japanese)

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