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Area Overview

Akagi area (赤城) consists of seven mountains of unspoiled nature and a crater lake in the center of Gunma Prefecture north of Tokyo.

Located one hour’s drive from the center of Maebashi city (前橋市) and Kiryu city (桐生市), it is a great getaway from Tokyo and full with nature activities such as hiking, cycling, camping and fishing all year round. The perfect place if you are looking for a short getaway.

How to Enjoy Mt. Akagi

in two days!

Mount Akagi

Accessible all year around and with breathtaking views, Mt. Akagi is worth a visit for anyone who loves the outdoors.

There is also plenty of delicious food. Go to a restaurant by the lake with mountain views to taste the local flavours, such as fried fish caught fresh from the lake and the local Gunma style udon. Or visit the Akagi Shrine or one of the relaxing Onsen (hot springs).

Mt Akagi

Itinerary from Tokyo



A special itinerary from Tokyo to show you four amazing towns and cities north of Tokyo!

You will get to see the Edo town of Tochigi, have lunch in the Ramen capital of Japan, Sano, as well as explore the silk weaving tradition of Kiryu and climb Mt. Akagi with its breathtaking view before heading back to Tokyo.

Tokyo Akagi itinerary

Upcoming Events 2023

In Akagi!

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