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Enjoy hassle-free travel to Kinugawa Onsen & Nikko area

Travel to Kinugawa Onsen with the Silk Express and relax in the famous natural hot springs! The Silk Express is a shuttle bus service with direct routes from JR Utsunomiya station and hotels in Kinugawa Onsen, as well as extra add-on routes to nearby Yunishigwa and Central Nikko.

Kinugawa Onsen


Nikko and other

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Fares & Times

From JR Utsunomiya Station to Kinugawa Onsen

Price (1 seat)
To Kinugawa Onsen (Direct)
2,000 yen
Including ‘Add-on’ to Yunishigawa*
3,000 yen
Main (Direct) Route
Add-on to Yunishigawa
Depart JR Utsunomiya Station
2:30 pm
1:00 pm
Arrive at Kinugawa Onsen
Arrive at Yunishigawa
Depart at Yunishigawa
Arrive back at Kinugawa Onsen

*This add-on includes a trip to Yunishigawa and back to Kinugawa Onsen. 

Meeting place at JR Utsunomiya Station

No5 Bus and Taxi lane on EAST SIDE of JR Utsunomiya Station.

From Kinugawa Onsen to JR Utsunomiya Station

Price (1 seat)
To JR Utsunomiya Station
2,000 yen
Including ‘Add-on’ to Nikko Shrines
5,000 yen
Including ‘Seasonal Add-on’ :
Strawberry picking and Bamboo forest*
5,000 yen
Main (Direct) Route
Add-on: Nikko Shrines
Add-on: Strawberry & Bamboo
Depart Kinugawa Onsen
10:30 am
10:20 am
10:20 am
Arrive at JR Utsunomiya Station
11:40 am
Arrive at Nikko Shrines
11:30 am
Depart at Nikko Shrines
Arrive at JR Utsunomiya Station
Arrive at Strawberry Farm
10:45 am
Depart Strawberry Farm
11:45 am
Arrive at Wakayama farm (Bamboo Forest)
12:25 pm
Depart Wakayama farm (Bamboo Forest)
1:40 pm
Arrive at JR Utsunomiya Station
2:20 pm

*This ‘Seasonal add-on’ is for winter 2023 (mid-December 2023 to 25th February 2024)

For Travel Companies

Bus Hire

In addition to fixed routes, we are able to offer bus hire for private tours to and from Nikko, Nasu, and other areas in Tochigi prefecture. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us (contact form below) for further information.

Transportation to Kinugawa and Nikko

If you offer regular tours to Kinugawa Onsen and Nikko areas and would like to use the Silk Express as part of your tour, please let us know.

Terms & Conditions

Silk Express and the parent company S project operate in Japan and abide strictly by Japanese law. For their term and conditions please make sure to check the official page (

How to use the Silk Express

1) Choose if you want to book a direct service or an add-on excursion.

2) Contact S Project (Silk Express) via the contact form below,  email, or phone.

*If you have a hotel booked, please mention the name when booking. If you don’t have a hotel booked, S project you can offer recommendations.

Please be aware that the Silk Express has a cancellation policy, and terms and conditions will apply. (See here)

Please note that weather conditions, road traffic, and other unexpected situations may change time, routes, and add-on destinations.

For Overseas Visitors

Wi-Fi available

Speak English

Uses a Translation device
(Voice translator App)

Multi-language leaflets

Multi-language ticket machines

Online Booking Available

Vegetarian dishes available

Vegan dishes available

Gluten free dishes available

Other food requirements

Halal friendly

Kosher friendly

Contact Details

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Meeting Point
(JR Utsunomiya Station)

709 Hosoomachi, Nikko city, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 321-1445

Just outside the East exit of JR Utsunomiya station.


Things to do Nearby

Find things to do locally in Kinugawa Onsen – click to view the city info page.

Map & Address

Pick up location (from JR Utsunomiya Station)

When arriving, please look for the N0.5 Bus and Taxi Lane!

Silk Express   TEL: 0289-66-2008

Contact Silk Express Bus (S Project)

This page was created by for S Project (Silk Express) to use as their English information page. The contents of this page a regally updated on request and should be used as a guide only. and the parent company Japan Wold Link is not liable for any misinformation. Inquiries from this page will be sent to S Project (Silk Express), but also shared with to help answer your questions. Please also see the official Silk Express webpage for the latest information. 

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