Discover the most delicious Ramen restaurants near Tokyo!

Why you must eat Ramen when visiting Japan?

Ramen is Japan’s soul food and one of the most famous Japanese dishes. Not only is it popular with locals, but foreign visitors have also voted it the second most satisfying meal (after sushi).

Ramen is so famous worldwide that most people probably enjoyed a bowl of the ‘Demae Iccho’ instant noodles or visited a ramen restaurant in their native country more than once. However, enjoying a bowl of Ramen in Japan is a very different experience. The broth, the noodles, the dashi, the tare, and the toppings create a one-of-a-kind experience, and no two ramen shops in Japan are the same. In addition, the price of a bowl of Ramen in Japan can be a third or sometimes even a quarter of what it is overseas.

You may think Ramen has a long traditional history in Japan, but in fact, it is thought that the first bowl of Ramen was served in 1910 in Tokyo, and only after that did it quickly spread to the rest of Japan. Ramen’s uniqueness is that it has many different variations. According to the Nippon Ramen Association, there are more than 200 local variations in Japan, each with at least 20 years of history or more. 

You may have heard of Tonkotsu, Miso, Shoyu, Shio (Salt) Tori Paitan, Tantan Men, Abura Sba, and others. No matter which type of Ramen you prefer, you can be assured that the chef will bring his/her own special touch to the bowel and will seriously prepare each bowl with a tasty and comforting broth and a perfect combination of noodles and toppings such as Chashu (Pork meat) or Ajitsuke tamago (Boiled egg marinated in sweet soy sauce).

Here are some of the best Ramen shops near Tokyo. When in Japan, make sure to check these places out!

1 ) Healthy Chicken Ramen 'Hibari'

1 hours 10min from Tokyo

Japanese: ひばり (宇都宮市)

From 🍜healthy options to yummy 🐔Chicken Ramen (Tori Soba)

😋Hibari is an great 🍜Ramen shop where their specialty is delicious 🐓Chicken Ramen (Tori Soba) which happens to be one of my favorite. ❤

Even if you are familiar with Ramen, chances are you haven’t had ‘chicken’ ramen. less fatty than Tonkotsu and not as salty as Shoyu or Shio. Not only is the Chicken rame absolutely delicious, it is equally nice is that they have a healthy option where you can choose Low-calories noodles and 🍅Tomato ramen❗

Located in central Utsunomiya, it is easy to get to on your way back from Nikko (if you are taking the JR Nikko Line and changing in Utsunomiya)
*Please note: The soup for Chicken ramen contains pork stock.

This information was correct at the time of publishing, but please check with the attractions and/or the tourist board before traveling.

2 ) Sano Ramen '417 (Shiina)'

1 hours 30min from Tokyo

Japanese: しいな (佐野市)

Amazing 🍜Sano ramen with unbelievable pork 🍖Chashu!

417 (also called Shiina) is about 15 min walk from the two closest stations, but it is worth the trip because the 🍜🍖Chasu Ramen ( Soysource based ramen with thick pork meat on top of ‘Sano-style’ Ramen) I had is absolutely amazing.

😋As you can see on the photo, the pork is thick but it soooo tender and delicious.❤

They also have a ‘Large’ option which comes in a larger bowl.

This information was correct at the time of publishing, but please check with the attractions and/or the tourist board before traveling.

🍜 Delicious Ramen Shops Near Tokyo!

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