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Local Travel Guide of Tochigi city
by Nick Harrison

About this Local Travel Guide of Tochigi City

I put together this local travel guide with attractions and restaurants my family and friends most enjoyed during their visits to Tochigi along with my recommendations and advice. It is a guide aimed at someones first full day in Tochigi city. 

Who is this travel guide for?

This local travel guide is aimed towards the casual traveller of any age. 

Total budget?

¥2,000 – ¥3,000 per person

Man taking tourist on a boat ride down Uzuma river near Tokyo (Tochigi city travel guide)


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Where we are going, we don't need roads!

Yuransen (Gondola boat ride)

It’s not quite a delorean but you will feel like you have slipped through time causing along this historical river surrounded by traditional buildings. The ride costs ¥700 for adults and ¥500 for children. It lasts around 20 minutes.

(Location: Google Map)


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Natures playground

Ohira mountain

Ohira mountain offers some of the best views in Tochigi city. I personally enjoy walking all the way to the top however many people either go by bicycle or car. At the peak is a large temple with a few shops serving Japanese treats. The view is stunning be it day or night. Great place for pictures! You can easily spend a few hours here.

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Sakura Cherry blossom on Mt. Ohira, in Tochigi city (Tochigi city travel guide)
A view of the beautiful Japanese garden at Yokoyama Kyodo Kan (Yokoyama Folk Museum) near Tokyo


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Unwind and take it all in

Yokoyama Folk Museum

Looking to rest your feet and go over your pictures for the day? Then Yokoyama folk museum is the place to be. walk around this historical building and learn about its rich history (English available). Take a stroll through the garden and finish by enjoying a cup of green tea looking out onto what can only be described as a picture perfect view. Entrance is ¥300 per person.

(Location: Google Map)


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Preserving the Past

Dashikaikan Museum

Recently renovated! The Dashikakan is a fantastic place to see Tochigi’s longest tradition of displaying very decorative floats. This festival takes place in the autumn every two years. However in the museum you can experience what its like to participate at the festival with a video reenactment (English available). It also has some great information about all the things that Tochigi offers for tourists to do. So its a great place to get some further ideas on how to spend your time here.  Entrance is ¥500 per person.

(Location: Google Map)


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Decorative Japanese floats on display in Tochigi City
My favorite places to eat in Tochigi city


Ramen in Tochigi City (Tochigi City Travel Guide)

Ramen shops are easily found anywhere in Japan. So how do you find the right one for you without bursting at the seams. I highly recommend Daido ramen (Location: Google Map / a short taxi ride from the city center). It`s a family run restaurant and they have been so successful they now have 2 in Tochigi city. 

Western / Other

Burgers and fries in Tochigi City

Japanese food is great! But sometimes I feel I want some home comforts. High Times (Location: Google Map  / a short taxi ride from the city centeris the best place to go for burgers, fries and great drinks. The owner used to live in America and is fluent in English. He is always happy to have a chat with foreign customers.

Itinerary (My other ideas for a day trip)







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photo of Nick Harrison ambassador for and writer of Local Travel Guide

Local writer:  Nick Harrison

Originally from London in the UK, Nick moved to Japan in 2008. He lives in Tochigi city with his Japanese wife and 4year old son. Nick enjoys watching movies from all genres, checking out new attractions and places with his family and meeting new people. When he is not working he enjoys travelling around Japan and looking for the next fun thing to share about Japan with the world.

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