Small Mountain, Big Adventures: A Local Travel Guide of Oyama City by Tim Whiteside

About this Local Travel Guide of Oyama City

Just about less than an hour a half north of Tokyo, right on a direct line to Utsunomiya City, there is a great city named Oyama in Tochigi prefecture. If you’re wanting to steer a bit off the beaten path or get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for the day, Oyama is a great place. Anywhere besides Tokyo may seem small, however, Oyama is still a little-big city filled with many things to do whether you’re with your family or riding solo as I do! I’ve made you a list of things you can do, see and taste in the great city of Oyama.

Who is this local travel guide of
Oyama City for?

This local travel guide of Oyama City is aimed towards any traveller having a day trip in Oyama City. 

Total budget?

¥2,000 – ¥3,000 per person


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A shrine in the middle of the city

Visiting Suga Jinja (Suga Shrine)

If you enjoy the beauty of Japanese shrines and temples, Suga Shrine in Oyama is a good place to start. You should try doing a traditional prayer after giving the bell a ring, and head to the booths that sell Omamori charms, omikuji fortunes, or a stamp in your shrine book, a Goshuincho, custom-written by Suga Shrine priests. Your budget can range from just a coin for a prayer to less than 1,000 yen for a nice charm!

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Walk in the footsteps of royals of the past

O-hanami in Jozan Park

Did you know there used to be a castle just a ten-minute walk from Oyama Station? It’s now a park, but the beauty remains. In the spring, the trees fill the park with pink and white as you wine and dine with friends during O-hanami (cherry blossom) season. Moreover, in the fall, you can walk through and be astonished at the changing colours of the leaves. The best things in life are free. Go out and enjoy Oyama without any dents to your wallet!

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Sweet Fish, Fireworks, and Sakura too!

Omoigawa River Bridge
Oyama is famous for many things and they’re sung about in the city’s anthem. “Sweet fish and Sakura too, always stayed the way they are” is a lyric that describes the Omoigawa River. Running along the river are cherry blossom trees. Once in full bloom, they will leave you speechless and grasping for your camera! In the summer, there are many festivals to take part in—with vendors and restaurants selling food and people having a good time. Don’t miss the Omoigawa fireworks. It’s truly a summer spectacle! .

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Shop for a good harvest

Harvest Walk

Harvest Walk is a shopping centre on the west side of Oyama with tons of shops. Whether you’d like some new digs for the night out, or you’d like to try something new in the food court or see a movie, Harvest Walk can sort you out. There is a shuttle bus to and from Oyama Station’s west exit. With the convenience and proximity to the station, it’s a great place to check out!

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My favorite places to eat in Oyama city

Good food topped with a bit of Japanese soul

Jonan Shokudo has many locally grown and cooked foods in Oyama. Here is where you’d find some of the most affordable and delicious Japanese comfort foods around town. I love seeing the colours of the vegetables and sauces mixed into a made wholesome dish. Why not order fresh off the skillet tamagoyaki. You can walk in or can take your food home. A great thing is you can pick and choose what you want, like an actual cafeteria! A budget from 700 to 1400 yen would fill the hungriest of eaters.   Location (Google)

No crocodile here, only beef

When I’m feeling homesick, I like to go for a burger. K’rocodile Diner is THE restaurant for delicious burgers in Oyama. The beef used is 100% and they are pretty thick and juicy. The speciality burger changes every time I go, so it’s fun to come back and see what they are cooking up! On top of the taste of the burgers and fries, the restaurant decor is rustic and homely. The staff are very welcoming as well. In conclusion, for a good meal which includes a burger, fries, and a drink, they make an affordable choice for a lunch outing. About less than 1400 yen.  Location (Google)

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(Photo: Tim Whiteside)

Local writer:  Tim Whiteside II

Tim was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. Since middle school, one of his biggest hobbies was studying Japanese by reading comics and books. He went to college to study biology to become a vet. But then in 2013, he decided to move to Japan to improve his Japanese. And the rest was history! He is now teaching English in junior high schools in Oyama City, Tochigi prefecture. He likes video games, drawing illustrations, and going out having a good time. His passions are still studying Japanese, writing stories for comics, and helping people get around and about in Japan.

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