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Discover Utsunomiya

Area Overview

Utsunomiya City (宇都宮) is located just 1h north of Tokyo and is known for its vibrant nightlife, including famous JAZZ & Cocktails bars and of course its Gyoza dumplings, with countless (more than 300) Gyoza shops selling these small delicious dumplings all around the city!

Furthermore, Utsunomiya is hosting some of the world’s top sport events, such as the ”Japan Cup”, a well-known bicycle race as well as the “3×3 World Basketball Championships”. Plenty of reasons to come and visit Utsunomiya.


Gyoza Guide

Utsunomiya is full of hidden gems and as a foodie I love to discover new things to eat. Now of course, I have eaten Gyoza many times before, however, I never knew there were so many variations of them!

With fillings and toppings as many as you can imagine, every shop (and there is more than 300 of them) is having its own style. Which is why I highly recommend  to visit more than one Gyoza restaurant.

Or, if you are up for the challenge, head over to “Kirasse”, a Gyoza food hall for the ultimate Gyoza tasting…  [continue reading, click here]

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Cindy B.

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A variety of Utsunomiya Gyoza at Kirasse (Guyoza Food court)

Upcoming Event:

In Utsunomiya

Riders get ready at the start of Japan Cup Cycle Road Race

Event Overview

Utsunomiya is once again hosting the prestigious Japan Cup, a Cycle Road Race and UCI ProSeries!!!

A great opportunity to watch the dead heat competition up close between the world’s top riders who compete in the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia during this spectacular event held in October!

 [ Find out more here ]



Utsunomiya also has a vibrant nightlife, with amazing Cocktail Bars, Jazz and many places to enjoy after dark.

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